Microsoft’s VR Social Network Now Lets You Build Custom Worlds

Posted on August 9, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 2 Comments

Microsoft is rolling out a major update to its VR social network, AltSpaceVR. Back in June, Microsoft added a new lobby to the AltSpaceVR community where users can gather around. Today, the company is making it possible for users to make their own virtual worlds.

Users can use AltSpaceVR’s new building kits to create virtual hangout spaces for their own friends as well as the community where they can hang around. They are also able to use AltSpaceVR’s existing Campfire and Origin environments and customize them to their own likings. “This is step one of a greater plan to make sure our community can help build AltspaceVR with us. Today our community will have basic kits that they can use to build their environment. We’ll aim to release more kits so folks can have more options to customize their world,” the company said in a blog post, announcing the new update.

AltSpaceVR’s custom worlds actually sound like a really fun experience. Users can host multiplayer social games in VR within their custom worlds, and even implement custom sound and 3D design within the world. What’s more, users can put these teleporters around their world to other spaces like the community hangout spaces, or to their friends’ world. While today’s launch includes basic kits that will help users get started with building their own environments, the firm plans to release more advanced kits in the near-future.

You can get started with AltSpaceVR’s custom worlds by heading over to your account on the official website.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Microsoft’s VR Social Network Now Lets You Build Custom Worlds”

  1. Tony Barrett

    Pointless. Just pointless. VR/AR is already dead in the consumer space. It was always an expensive gimmick with poor software and lack of developer interest. Most who fell for the hype will already find those headsets gathering dust.