Microsoft’s Making a Prototyping Tool for VR

Posted on October 29, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 2 Comments

Microsoft is working on an interesting new tool for virtual reality and mixed reality. Although the company is yet to officially announce the new tool — called Maquette — you can already sign up for the beta and get to work.

Microsoft Maquette is a mixed reality tool for prototyping. It lets you create a bunch of different things, helping you bring your ideas to life in virtual reality. Think of it as a design tool like Sketch or Adobe XD, but for virtual reality environments.

Microsoft says the main purpose of Maquette is to make it easy and seamless to bring your ideas to life in 3D space. “With Maquette, we want to make spatial prototyping simple and fast,” the company said in the official website for the tool. Although the tool is still a work in progress, Microsoft actually first started building as an internal tool to lets Microsoft designers quickly bring their ideas to life in VR.

The tool is not only available for Windows Mixed Reality, but it’s also available on the Oculus and HTC Vive platforms. You can sign-up for the beta on the official site here.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Microsoft’s Making a Prototyping Tool for VR”

  1. gregsedwards

    Welcome to PowerPoint 2023.

  2. jules_wombat

    yet another flimst 3D tool from Microsoft. Needs to be as intuitive as Google Sketchup to create NEW 3d objects, not just a lazy set of colourful prefab objects.