Microsoft To-Do Now Keeps Track of Your Flagged Emails

Posted on March 13, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in, Microsoft with 8 Comments

Microsoft is rolling out a new update to the Microsoft To-Do app on Windows 10 and on the web. The new update to the app introduces support for Flagged Email, which is a new feature that essentially tracks your email and adds them to a list within Microsoft To-Do.

The feature only works with Office 365 work or school accounts for the time being.

Once you update the app and login to Microsoft To-Do with a work or school account, you will be asked whether you want the new featured. Once enabled, the feature will automatically show your flagged emails from your Outlook account as a list on the app. And the list will also show up on Microsoft To-Do apps for iOS and Android.

When you flag emails on Outlook, they will automatically show up within To-Do with some added details. It will include a preview of the email’s text, as well as a link to open the email in Outlook. Right now, the link simply opens in a browser, instead of opening within the Mail app in Windows 10, for example. Removing a flagged email/task from To-Do also unflags it on Outlook, so it’s pretty neat.

It’s available with Microsoft To-Do version 1.52 on Windows 10.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Microsoft To-Do Now Keeps Track of Your Flagged Emails”

  1. will

    ...and STILL no Mac client.

  2. gregsedwards

    I love To-Do, and the team has really brought its A game with all these updates. And yet, I just can't seem to get into the habit of using it consistently. Maybe the problem isn't the software.... ?

  3. Watney

    Wow, great feature!

  4. Daekar

    This is actually one of my favorite Microsoft apps now. It took me a little while to realize how useful it would be, but I'm sold now. Looking forward to seeing what they do with it next.

  5. djncanada

    This changes To Do in a very positive way.

    I have bugged the To Do Team for a year regarding this service.

    IMO many emails become your tasks

    I am very glad they have implemented, bravo

  6. thomas_powell

    Any idea when they might add this for personal office 365 accounts? The MS blog post says "in the future".

  7. IanYates82

    Oh this will be fantastic.

    Now just to get my mailbox off our Exchange Server and over to Office 365....

    We still run Lync 2013 on-prem which means I need to set up BS like 'dial plans' and other stuff in Exchange Online, otherwise I just get a cryptic message when I try to migrate mailboxes that are voicemail-enabled. Fun & games :D

    This might give me the nudge to finish the job!