Microsoft Releases Edge Insider Extension Ahead of Edgium Release

Posted on March 25, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft, Windows, Windows 10 with 7 Comments

Over the weekend, there has been a lot of hype around the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, or Edgium. Microsoft is expected to launch the new browser sometime soon, and it has even been leaked online over the weekend. We already gave you an in-depth look at the browser, and more details about the browser are slowly starting to come out.

When Microsoft officially launches the new browser for Insiders, the company will release a new Microsoft Edge Insider extension to go along with it. It will essentially be a companion extension for Insiders that lets them keep track of new features, known issues, and other announcements.

And even though the Edge Insider extension is meant for Edigum, the company may also be making it available for the regular/old Microsoft Edge browser. It has already released (via HTNovo) the new extension on the Microsoft Store, which allows you to install the exact extension on the regular Microsoft Edge. But because the extension is meant for Edgium, things like the version number doesn’t actually show up on the old Edge.

The listing for the extension does confirm that Microsoft will be releasing three different release channels for the new Edgium browser — and that includes Edge Canary, Edge Dev, and Edge Beta. The difference between the different release channels is unknown for the time being, but my guess is that Canary (Fast Ring?) will get more frequent releases and will be less stable than Edge Beta (Release Preview?), with Edge Dev (Slow Ring?) offering the best of both sides.

The release of Edgium shouldn’t be too far away now, I tried out the new browser over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised by how stable the entire browser was. There are some issues with syncing, but I honestly don’t think there are any other issues stopping Microsoft from releasing the new browser to Insiders any time now.

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