ARM64 Version of Chromium-based Microsoft Edge Leaks

Posted on June 6, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft, Microsoft Edge, Web browsers with 11 Comments

When Microsoft first announced the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, the company said it’s working on new features to help Chromium and the new Edge grow. One of the new features Microsoft said it was working on at the time was ARM64 support, and seems like we may be getting close to the release of an ARM64 version of the new Microsoft Edge.

A new build of Microsoft Edge Canary has leaked online, and it’s built for ARM64 devices. That means if you have a Windows on ARM device, you should be able to download the build and install it on your device.

Considering that Microsoft has started making Edge builds for ARM64 devices, a potential release could be imminent. The leaker of the build does state that the build doesn’t have an updater compatible with ARM64, so it’s possible Microsoft is still working on an ARM64 compatible updater for the new Edge.

The leaked version of the browser is, which is very fresh. The leak does seem legit, and you can grab it for yourself from here. But do note that this is just a leak from a third-party, and doesn’t come straight from Microsoft servers. If you really want to try it before an official release is available, you can do so, at your own risk.

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