Microsoft Announces New Education Tools and Resources

Posted on June 20, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft, Office 365, Windows 10 with 8 Comments

Ahead of ISTE 2019 next week, Microsoft has announced several new education tools and features today.

“Diversity is the new norm in today’s classrooms,” a new Microsoft Education post explains. “By creating student-centered, inclusive learning environments, educators have the flexibility and opportunity to meet the needs of the diverse group of learners in every classroom. Technology has the power to help teachers not only navigate, but also benefit from, their students’ unique learning styles. We’re excited to announce tools and resources to help teachers empower all students to find their voice, grow their confidence and build 21st-century skills.”

New and improved tools include:

Immersive Reader is now available in Minecraft: Education Edition and other popular education apps. Microsoft’s popular Immersive Reader is now integrated into Minecraft: Education Edition and will be available as an Azure Cognitive Service so that third-party apps and partners can add the tool into their own products. Buncee, Follett, JogNog, Kortext, Mindsets Learning, MyDay, Nearpod, OhBot, Oxford Press, PowerSchool, SiLAS, Skooler, Squigl, ThingLink, and Wakelet have all agreed to do so.

Presenter Coach in PowerPoint. Previously announced, Presenter Coach can help teachers and students practice their presentation skills and improve their public-speaking abilities. It’s coming to PowerPoint Online this summer.

Teams for Education improvements. Teams for Education is being updated with bigger, more visual icons for your teams and classes; a new way to create and track assignments; a new grade book that lets teachers can view and grade all assignments directly from the channel’s Grades tab and view each student’s progress across assignments; a new “Share To Teams” button so teachers can share resources with their classes directly; and the ability to import existing OneNote content into Class or Staff Teams, so that you to access all of your information from a single location.

There’s a lot more, so check out the original Microsoft post for more information.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Microsoft Announces New Education Tools and Resources”

  1. hrlngrv

    Re presentations in school, I recall show and tell in Kindergarten and presenting book reports in front of the class through 2nd grade. Mercifully nothing after that. Well, from 9th grade through freshman year in college, every English teacher or professor wanted members of the class to read anything by Shakespeare out loud. Ditto the only Greek play we studied. IMO, presentations dumb down the school curriculum, so anything which may make presentations in school more frequent is a bad thing.

    Class participation is useful. Presentations aren't.

  2. saint4eva

    This is really cool.

  3. devendra singh

    really awsome article and keep doing.. BHU Cut off list 2019

  4. alfredjohnson

    Que iniciativa! Agradeça à Microsoft por trazer novas ferramentas e recursos educacionais. Essa iniciativa certamente manterá os alunos claramente à frente em seus estudos. E obviamente, a popularidade da Microsoft irá aumentar. Ferramentas tornaram nossa vida mais fácil. Na minha escrita, eu também uso muitas ferramentas. A contagem de palavras é uma tarefa muito difícil. E contagem caracteres da minha escrita, eu uso algumas ferramentas. E acredite, essas ferramentas tornaram minha tarefa muito fácil e econômica.

  5. mindomine

    Excellent article on technology changing the norms of education

  6. isabellapoole

    Wow, I like it!

  7. gailcwada

    I am searching for the new education tools and resources online. That is why I came here to get more help regarding new education tools and resources. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I will also share your post with my friends.

  8. mollychopps22

    thanks for that