Microsoft Edge Dev Updated With Lots of Dark Theme Improvements

Posted on August 14, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft, Microsoft Edge, Web browsers with 5 Comments

Microsoft released a new update to the Dev channel of the new Microsoft Edge yesterday. The company is releasing the first build of version 78 of Edge Dev, and it comes with a ton of new features and fixes.

The full changelog of the update is kind of long, so here are some notable changes:

The update is almost entirely focused on dark mode changes. There’s finally a setting in the settings of the browser where users can switch between the light and dark themes without having to jump into the browser’s flags. It also comes with dark theme support for the first-run sign-in popup, and sign-in error popup, as well as the feedback screenshot editor window. Here are some other new features:

  • Added an option in Settings to choose between light and dark themes.
  • Added the ability to import cookies from the existing version of Edge.
  • Added a policy to enable deleting browsing data upon exit.
  • Added a policy to prevent downloads from being marked as unsafe when they come from a trusted source.
  • Added what version of Edge a management policy is supported on to the list of policies.
  • Added dark theme support to the feedback screenshot editor window.
  • Added dark theme support to the first-run sign-in popup.
  • Added dark theme support to the browser sign in error popup.
  • Added a confirmation when enabling sending Do Not Track requests

The update also fixes issues with some particular sites like Netflix, and some issues with PDF viewing, so make sure to check out the full changelog here.  With all these fixes and improvements, it’s clear Microsoft is moving at a very fast pace with Edge than ever before, so don’t be surprised if the stable version of the browser is launched in the coming weeks.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Microsoft Edge Dev Updated With Lots of Dark Theme Improvements”

  1. dallasnorth40

    This browser gets better every day. Literally.

  2. james_rainey

    I just realized that Edge Chomium is the only browser I now use. I didn't notice until today that I wasn't using anything else. Hmmm.

  3. garrett

    I wish they would add back the ability to create a desktop shortcut (with proper favicon) to the desktop. My taskbar is not long enough to view my 4,000 plus links.

  4. richardbottiglieri

    For my use case, the only really useful feature that I feel is missing at this point is the full sync experience. Once that's in place, I'll say goodbye to Chrome.

    One small nitpick is that the icons in the address bar are just a wee-bit too big, IMHO. I did file a report with the Edge team, suggesting that they make this an option. They replied that this is an open issue, and they're looking into it. On laptops, every vertical pixel counts. :-)

  5. Stooks

    The DEV version has been the only browser I use across multiple computers including my Macbook Pro. The latest version also includes the read aloud missed that.