Chromium-based Microsoft Edge’s Stable Build Leaks

Posted on August 20, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft Edge, Web browsers, Microsoft with 5 Comments

Microsoft has been quickly iterating on the new Chromium-based Edge browser for a while. The company has been releasing new Canary builds almost every day, and the Dev channel is consistently getting new builds every week. And now, it seems like Microsoft is inching closer to a public release.

A stable build of Microsoft Edge has leaked online (you can download it here), and it comes straight from Microsoft servers (via HTNovo). A stable build of the new Edge browser leaked in the past, but this time around you can actually install this new build.

The build number of the leaked build is, which is a little behind the latest Dev channel build. The only main difference here is that there is no longer an icon for feedback near the three-dot menu, and the fact that installing this build will automatically replace the classic Edge on your Start Menu and taskbar.

Microsoft is probably still a bit far away from launching the stable version of this new browser. After all, we still don’t have beta builds for Edge, so it could be a while before a stable version is launched publicly.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Chromium-based Microsoft Edge’s Stable Build Leaks”

  1. brduffy

    I'm using edge dev. Works great on my Windows 7 work machine. I don't even think about it anymore, its my every day browser.

  2. ngc224

    What does "leaked" even mean anymore?

  3. davy49


    I installed on my laptop, I was already running edge developer at least for this 'leaked' stable version is a step backwards.

  4. v_2samg

    The Stable version is well... really stable. Awesome work by Microsoft.