Microsoft Remote Desktop App Gets Major Update After More Than a Year

Posted on November 28, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in iOS, Microsoft with 5 Comments

If you use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app on your iPhone regularly, you may have noticed the lack of updates over the last few months. That’s because of Microsoft literally not releasing any updates to the app over the past year or so.

And after more than a year, Microsoft is finally updating the Remote Desktop app on iOS (via Tero Alhonen), and it’s a massive one. Microsoft is also promising more frequent updates to the app going forward.

“It’s been well over a year since we last updated the Remote Desktop Client for iOS. However, we are back in the game with an exciting update, with many more to follow at a regular cadence from here on out,” the company said.

The new update introduces a number of major new features — most notably, support for Windows Virtual Desktop. The update brings a new Connection Centre UI, support for dark/light themes, and support for newer iPhones and iPad devices. The latest update also brings camera, local storage, and microphone redirection. Here’s the full changelog:

  • Support for the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service.
  • Brand new Connection Centre UI.
  • Brand new in-session UI for switching between connected PCs and apps.
  • New layout for the auxiliary on-screen keyboard.
  • Improved external keyboard support.
  • Support for SwiftPoint Bluetooth mice.
  • Support for microphone redirection.
  • Support for local storage redirection.
  • Support for camera redirection (Windows 10 1809 or later required).
  • Support for new iPhone and iPad devices.
  • Dark and light theme support.
  • Control whether your phone can lock when connected to a remote PC or app.
  • Collapse the in-session connection bar with a long-press on the Remote Desktop logo.

If you use the Remote Desktop app frequently and have an iOS device, you would definitely want to get this new app update asap.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Microsoft Remote Desktop App Gets Major Update After More Than a Year”

  1. mclark2112

    This is one of those apps I use in an emergency, but I've never used it regularly for actual work.

  2. William Clark

    I just downloaded this for my iPad. Not sure it's exactly the same as the iPhone version but there doesn't seem to be any way to automatically find machines on the network. It also doesn't seem like there is any way to set up connections across the Internet, without opening ports on your firewall etc.

    Honestly, it doesn't seem to be that useful compared to other solutions like Team Viewer et al.

    • sengu87

      In reply to waclark57:

      You're confusing what Microsoft remote desktop is. This software is not a screen sharing software like TeamViewer and existed way before these screen share apps.

      Microsoft Remote Desktop uses the RDP protocol that creates it's own session and connects to machines appropriately with the right network usually geared toward corporate and tech enthusiast environments.

      The new features adds the ability to connect to virtual desktops set up in cloud infrastructures in which can be a windows client solution for employees in a company, Central interface, and connections to the local device.

  3. davidlbangs

    Actually, it is not available. On iPhone 11 Pro, Remote Desktop does not show up in App Store, and clicking the link produces this error:

    App Not Available

    This app is currently not available in your country or region

    My region is United States

  4. rickski

    This app is not available in the Australian Apple Store!

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