Slack Is Reportedly Getting Microsoft Teams Integration

Posted on March 27, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud, Microsoft with 4 Comments

As wild as it sounds, Slack is reportedly working on adding integration for Microsoft Teams to its service. The new feature would let Slack users call users on Microsoft Teams (and possibly vice-versa).

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield revealed the company’s plans to add Teams integration for calling features in an interview, reports CNBC. “We’re working on Teams integrations for calling features,” Butterfield said.

Details on the new feature are not available as of right now. It also is not clear when exactly Slack plans on launching the new feature. It also isn’t clear if this is going to be an actual business partnership between both the companies.

Microsoft is also working to add Skype calling integration to Microsoft Teams, by the way.

The announcement comes following the rapid increase in demand for services like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Slack, for example, added a total of 7,000 new customers (not individual users) in less than 50 days, while Microsoft Teams gained 12 million new daily active users in just a week.

The competition between both the services have been quite tight and entertaining, but this new integration could possibly pave the way for a future partnership.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Slack Is Reportedly Getting Microsoft Teams Integration”

  1. beckoningeagle

    In a year the news will be "Microsoft purchases Slack"

  2. ben55124

    Silos federate as people distance. Bring on project diaspora.