Microsoft Unveils New Audio Dock and Microsoft Presenter+ Remote

Posted on October 12, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Hardware, Microsoft with 4 Comments

Microsoft introduced three new Surface devices today including the Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5, and Surface Studio 2+, but the company also had a couple of new accessories up its sleeve. The software giant also revealed a release date for the Microsoft Adaptive Accessories that were first announced back in May.

You may remember the Microsoft Modern USB-C speaker that the company released last year. Well, the new Microsoft Audio Dock the company announced today builds on that, though it’s quite a different beast.

Microsoft Audio Dock

The new Microsoft Audio Dock is an all-in-one speaker that’s certified for Microsoft Teams. Compared to last year’s Modern USB-C speaker, it adds various ports in the back to let you connect your PC to two monitors via HDMI and a USB-C port.

The Microsoft Audio Dock connects to a PC via USB-C, and it includes four different ports on the back: an HDMI port, 2 USB-C ports, and a USB-A port. On the top, there are built-in volume up/down and pause/play buttons, plus a Microsoft Teams button and a Mute button.

Microsoft promises “exceptional” voice capture with two noise-reducing microphones, as well as premium audio quality with the 15W woofer and 5W tweeters. Even though the Audio Dock is optimized for Microsoft Teams with a dedicated button for joining meetings, the device will also work great for Zoom and Google Meet calls.

The Microsoft Audio Dock is priced at $249.99, and there’s no release date for it yet.

Microsoft Presenter+ remote

The Microsoft Presenter+ remote is the second new accessory Microsoft announced today, and it’s a Teams-enabled remote with customizable controls. During meetings, you can use it to control slides or show other participants what they should be looking at with the built-in screen pointer.

During a meeting, you can also press the integrated Teams button to “raise your hand” and signal others you have something to say. The Microsoft Presenter+ also uses haptic feedback when users go on/off mute or raise/lower their hand during meetings.

The Microsoft Teams Presenter+ will be priced at $79.99, but there’s no release date yet.

Microsoft Adaptive Accessories Get a release date

The new Microsoft Adaptive Accessories are designed to help the more than 1 billion people in the world with disabilities to create PC accessories that better fit their unique needs. The list of accessories includes a Microsoft Adaptive Mouse that can be customized with an Adaptive Mouse Tail and Thumb support.

There’s also the Microsoft Adaptive Hub, which can connect to up to digital buttons and switches via 3.5mm ports or wireless connections. Microsoft also sells the Microsoft Adaptive d-pad, joystick, or dual buttons that can connect to the Adaptive Hub.

The Microsoft Adaptive Accessories will be available starting October 25 in select markets. Microsoft has also teamed up with Shapeways to offer a selection of mouse tails, button toppers, and pen grips for the Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 and Microsoft Business Pen that can be 3D printed.

In addition to these new accessories, Microsoft also announced new products this morning including Microsoft Designer and Image Creator. You can check out our separate post for more details.

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