Google Store is Having a Back-to-School Sale

Posted on August 13, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Google, Hardware, Mobile, Pixelbook, Android, Smart Home with 6 Comments

Most of Google’s first-party hardware is now on sale via the Google Store, and the prices match the lowest we’ve seen yet for this generation of devices.

You can find the sale on this page on the Google Store website. But here’s a rundown of the sale items:

Pixel 2 XL. The Pixel 2 XL isn’t technically on sale right now, but if you buy one directly from Google you will get a free Google Home Mini and up to $550 in value back for a phone trade-in.

Pixelbook. The base Pixelbook—with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of storage—is now $250 off, matching its lowest-ever price of $750.

Google Home and Home Mini. You can also save $25 if you buy a Google Home and Google Home Mini together.

Pixel Buds. Google’s wireless headphones—which feature built-in real-time language translation capabilities—are now $60 off, or just $109.

Google also notes that eligible students get another 10 percent off of any purchase at its online store. So if you are a student, be sure to shop from that linked page.

These sale prices end in early September—and vary by device for some reason. And some additional Google Hardware—like Chromecast Ultra—will be on sale later in the month too. So keep checking back for the best prices.


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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Google Store is Having a Back-to-School Sale”

  1. harmjr

    Has anyone ever used the Pixel Buds? Can you post your opinion of the device? How well do they work Spanish to English? My in laws are Mexican-Spanish speaking so I wanted to see how well they are before I buy.

  2. Stooks

    You could not pay me to use a Google product. Over at Betanews today (can't link anything here)...

    """"""An investigation by the Associated Press has found that Google is tracking the location of Android and iPhone users even when privacy settings supposedly explicitly stop this from happening.

    The AP concedes that "for the most part, Google is upfront about asking permission to use your location information", but its investigation -- the findings of which were confirmed by researchers from Princeton -- showed that Google services recorded user data even when Location History was disabled.""""""

    We wont see that news here on GoogleSuperSite.

    The US needs a version of GDRP. To bad so many politicians are in the pocket of Google.

    • skborders

      In reply to Stooks:
      Not only the politicians, the tech media give them a pass on everything. They are getting as bad about coddling google as they are about apple.

    • Tony Barrett

      In reply to Stooks:

      Your decision. Personally, you could not pay me to use an Apple device - ever. I have a huge amount of resentment for Windows 10 too - with all the telemetry Microsoft are still collecting. It's just the nature of the modern tech world. You want these services 'for free', well they're not really free are they. You are the value in these services, and your data is invaluable. There's no such thing as privacy any more - get used to it.