Android 10 Launches for Pixel Devices Today

Posted on September 3, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Google, Mobile with 14 Comments

After a number of betas, Google’s latest major version of Android is coming out today. It’s called Android 10, and Google is introducing a number of new features with the latest update. The company is moving away from the traditional naming scheme for Android releases with Android 10, marking an end to what’s been an interesting annual tradition for years.

But yes, Android 10 is here today, and if you own Google’s Pixel devices, you will be one of the first users to be able to use the latest major version of Android. There’s a ton of new features in the release, with some meaningful changes throughout the system.

The major new edition on Android 10 is obviously the new system-wide dark theme that introduces a true black experience for the entire OS, as well as most of the Google stock apps.

Google is introducing an improved Gesture Navigation system with Android 10, too. Google’s gestural navigation system is quite frankly a mess to this date, and Google was even making changes to the system on the Android 10 beta last month. So yes, Google doesn’t particularly seem confident with this new navigation system design yet.

Android 10 also introduces an improved Smart Reply experience that works better with third-party apps, a new Live Caption feature that automatically captions videos, podcasts, and audio messages for improved accessibility, a built-in Sound Amplifier, improved and more granular privacy controls, and a new Focus Mode that lets you silent all the distracting apps.

Google’s even improving the way it delivers security updates to devices with Android 10. The company is introducing a new thing called Google Play System updates that will allow the company to deliver security patches directly to users from Google Play, without mobile carriers and phone makers being involved. This might just be one of the more important changes on Android 10, to be honest.


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Comments (14)

14 responses to “Android 10 Launches for Pixel Devices Today”

  1. nicholas_kathrein

    Looks like I get this now and trade in my Pixel 2 XL in a few months for the Pixel 4 XL. I've had the beta and only had a few issues.

  2. PeteB

    The best just. Keeps. Getting. Better.

  3. Albatross

    I had an issue on Beta 6 with my Pixel 3 where the proximity sensor wouldn't work and my screen would go dark during phone calls even if I wasn't holding it up to my face. Rolled back to Android 9 and the problem resolved. Hopefully this is fixed now.

  4. jaredthegeek

    I am loading it now on my Pixel 3a XL because I am a trusting idiot.

  5. Rob_Wade

    Sorry, but you can't use "Android" and "best" in the same sentence without being insane.

  6. beatnixxx

    I have the essential ph1 and have received the new version as well. Dark mode is nice. New gestures dont work w/MS Launcher yet.

  7. Hougaard

    And it's of course also released on the Essential Phone :)

  8. siv

    It's just being installed on my Pixel 3A, I am looking forward to the dark theme as I have dark themes on my PCs so getting less of a suntan off my phone will be great! It says it's 1188.8 MB in size. Almost as large as a Windows update!

  9. Jorge Garcia

    Still waiting for Google's own desktop mode to be fully baked-in to where even the most stubborn apps are forced into landscape by the OS itself, no matter what. Right now, to accomplish this feat on a tablet, I need to install a nice utility called "Rotation Anywhere" as a workaround.

  10. compunut

    I have it on my Pixel 2 and I am pleased with it overall. The most interesting feature to me was simply a better dark mode experience. Unfortunately, one of my most used apps fails on the new version. I am hoping they fix it soon, but that has really impacted my ability to use the phone.

  11. rahulyogi

    Seems to be good to have Android 10 Launcher