Vivaldi Finally Launches Mobile Browser

Posted on September 9, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Mobile, Web browsers with 9 Comments

Alternative web browser maker has finally launched the first mobile version of its product, on Android, in beta form.

“Our mission has always been to give you a browser that lets you do things your way and addresses real user needs,” Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner writes in an announcement post. “While we put you in control of your browsing, we do not track the way you choose to browse. And our vision for mobile browsing is no different.”

Vivaldi has been available on Windows, Mac, and Linux for three years, but the lack of a mobile version of the app has limited its appeal. Like the new Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi’s desktop browser is built on top of Chromium, but it provides its own user interface and many unique features, including quick commands, mouse gestures, tab management, and more. Vivaldi is all about customization. But its biggest claim to fame, perhaps, is how it handles personal data.

“Unlike Google, our business model is not about collecting massive user data and monetizing,” Tetzchner wrote in February 2018. “We do not collect usage data. We only try to have a general overview of how many users we have, what OS they run and where in the world they are, on aggregate … We don’t use the Google sync server and therefore we cannot share data with Chrome … With Vivaldi, your data is protected using end-to-end encryption … Google does not benefit from Vivaldi being based on Chromium.”

Like the desktop version of the browser, Vivaldi on Android presents a unique user interface with built-in tools like Panels, Speed Dials, Notes, and Capture. It syncs with the desktop browser, provides both light and dark themes, and lets you switch search engines on the fly. It features Private tabs that are actually private. And includes a Reader view that eliminates ads and other distractions.

You can download the Vivaldi Browser Beta from the Google Play Store. And grab the desktop versions of the app from the Vivaldi website.

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