T-Mobile Reports Data Breach Affecting More Than a Million Customers

Posted on November 25, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Mobile with 2 Comments

Over the weekend, T-Mobile reported a security breach affecting a minor portion of its users. The company announced that a data breach took place on its network around early November, affecting around less than 1.5% of its customers.

That translates into around more than a million of its 75 million customers, reports TechCrunch. The breach didn’t give hackers access to your password or social security number, but it still gave away some important information.

And that includes your name, billing address, phone number, account number, and details on your T-Mobile rate plan. That seems like a lot of information one could potentially use to get access to your account by impersonating you.

T-Mobile is staying very tight-lipped about the breach, and it won’t say exactly what actions the company is taking to protect the affected users. That’s quite unusual to see, as you’d imagine the company would take some extra precautions for the users affected. The company did say it takes the security of your information very seriously, but that obviously doesn’t mean anything. It’s also asking users to update their PIN number so no one else can impersonate you.

Even though the breach didn’t give hackers access to your password, it may still be a good idea to update your password.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “T-Mobile Reports Data Breach Affecting More Than a Million Customers”

  1. minke

    Note that the breach impacts T-Mobile prepaid customers, according to T-Mo.

  2. youwerewarned

    As usual the excuse of these companies is “oops”. We need to legislate a $100/occurrence/user fine for the industries who promise to safeguard data. No penalty, no motivation.