Qualcomm Launches the Snapdragon Insider Program

Posted on March 1, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Mobile with 9 Comments

Mobile microprocessor giant Qualcomm today unveiled its Snapdragon Insider program in an attempt to connect with fans and influencers.

“Snapdragon Insiders will get behind-the-scenes access, premium experiences, and extra perks that only the Snapdragon Insiders program can deliver,” the Snapdragon Insider website explains. “Join our community to get the inside track and help us shape the future of Snapdragon.”

In a video introduction to the program, Qualcomm president and CEO-elect Cristiano Amon says that Snapdragon Insider will provide enthusiasts with access to experts, but the details are pretty light at this time. For now, you can sign-up on the website, or follow Snapdragon on Twitter and/or Instagram.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Qualcomm Launches the Snapdragon Insider Program”

  1. ragingthunder

    Can I download the insider preview chips into my Samsung?

  2. matsan

    ... wow ... (stunned silence)

  3. robinwilson16

    Looks a bit like the Firefox logo!

  4. BizTechSherpa

    I don't understand what an insider program for a chip is. I am in the Apple Developer program that received the A12 versions of Mac Mini - they sent me a device. Will Qualcomm send a device?

  5. IanYates82

    I've signed up

    I suspect it's just a mailing list, but maybe we'll get more? I can't see it affecting our devices with new code to try - they don't control a Samsung S21 Ultra smartphone. Maybe they could have a little more say over Windows 10 on ARM, but I reckon that'd still be best done via Windows Insiders

  6. mrkirbs

    Do they really need a whole program to figure out that they should make a better smartwatch chip, and a chip that can run x86 emulation as fast as the Apple M1?

  7. jimchamplin

    I'm with MrKirbs. It doesn't take focus groups and marketing garbage to figure out the obvious. INVEST IN FUTURE PLATFORMS. Qualcomm is so damned lame when it comes to non-flagship-smartphone silicon solely because they choose not to invest. They've released what? Two generations of CPUs "dedicated" to Windows now, not including the custom silicon they made for the Pro X, right? Yet it's still junk. We're about to see Apple's second generation Mac chips. The ones for their high-end workstations. They're expected to rock the world. And Qualcomm will come out with what? 9cx with a modest 20% to 50% improvement over the 8cx's pedestrian performance?

    If they're the leading developers of ARM-based solutions... why aren't they leading in price/performance?

    Oh. Right. Because they don't invest. LAME!

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