Power Problems (Premium)


When my wife and I drove to Washington D.C. this past weekend, I used Google Maps on the Pixel 6 Pro for navigation. Glancing at the screen partway through the drive, I noticed something … unexpected. The Pixel, which was plugged into a USB-based car charger, was sitting at 81 percent battery life. Impossible, I thought: It was at 97 percent when we left the house and had been plugged in during the entire ride, except for when we stopped for lunch. After confirming that it was correctly plugged in, I started monitoring the Pixel’s battery life. It never budged: when we arrived at the hotel after the 3.5-hour drive, it sat at the same 81 percent charge.

Hm. Was this yet another Pixel 6 Pro power issue? (The first being that its 30-watt fast charging is only capable of a not-that-fast 22-watts, maximum, and that it takes two hours to completely charge.)

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