Google Issues App Updates on iPhone and iPad, Too

Posted on March 10, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Google, Mobile, iOS, iPadOS with 1 Comment

It’s not just Android: Google is also updating several of its apps across iOS (iPhone) and iPadOS (iPad) today as well.

“We’re adding new features to Google apps on iPhones and iPads to help you get more done — whether you’re at work, at school, or on the go,” Google director Luke Wroblewski writes in the announcement post. “New widgets will give you easier access to your favorite Google apps, while updated Chat and Gmail notifications can help you stay on top of important pings. Read on for more.”

Here’s what’s new:

New Google Translate widget. The new Google Translate widget puts the app’s most popular features right on your home screen.

New XL widget for Google Drive. Rolling out next week and exclusive to the iPad, this new widget will show more files and more shortcuts on your Home Screen than the previous widget.

Gmail and Chat app updates. The Gmail and Chat apps are both being updated to display a sender’s profile image in notifications. And you can now control which Gmail and Chat contacts’ notifications appear when you’re in Focus mode.

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One response to “Google Issues App Updates on iPhone and iPad, Too”

  1. arjay

    The best part of these is reading the App Privacy section in the App Store.