Microsoft Adds its Bing Chatbot to its Swiftkey Keyboard for Android

Microsoft is testing a new integration of its Bing chatbot into its Swiftkey keyboard for Android. The new Bing integration has gone live on the beta version of Swiftkey for Android, which can be installed alongside the regular version of the keyboard.

Currently, testers can use the new Bing integration to search for content or interact with the chatbot without having to open the Bing app. A Tone mode also lets users rewrite text in a different tone.

According to Pedram Rezaei, CTO of Microsoft’s Mobile and Commerce division, only a subset of users of the Swiftkey beta for Android will see these new Bing AI capabilities as they’re “slowly rolling out.”

There’s now word yet on if Swiftkey for iOS will get the same Bing integration in the future. You may remember that Microsoft discontinued the app last year before bringing it back due to popular demand.

Anyway, you should probably get ready to see Microsoft add AI to most of its products in the near future. The Bing chatbot is also integrated into Microsoft’s Edge browser, and Microsoft is also adding a Bing shortcut to the new search box on Windows 11. Last month, the company announced that its search engine had crossed 100 million daily active users thanks to “a little bit of a boost from the million+ new Bing preview users.”

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