Google Adding Block and Unsubscribe to Gmail

Posted on September 23, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Mobile with 0 Comments

Google Adding Block and Unsubscribe to Gmail

Google has announced it will improve its Gmail email service with two very useful features, block and unsubscribe, on both the web and mobile clients.

These features work as you might expect:

Block. This is used to block incoming email messages from a specific sender. It’s available now on the web and is coming to Gmail for Android “over the next week.” (I assume it will pop up on the iOS client soon as well.)


*Unsubscribe. This is used to block email messages from a mailing list. It’s available today on Gmail for Android. No word yet on when it is coming to the web or iOS.


I use Gmail for because that is the standard at Petri, and have to say it’s always worked really well. In keeping with my post earlier today, Thinking About Technology Choices, Gmail is one of those many things pulling me away from Microsoft services in Windows 10, even though there’s no native client. (I just use the web client in Windows.)

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