Microsoft Offers Distraught Dropbox Mailbox Users an Outlook Mobile Lifeline

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Microsoft Offers Distraught Dropbox Mailbox Users an Outlook Mobile Lifeline

The date has come: Dropbox’s Mailbox mobile app is shutting down today. So Microsoft is offering distraught Mailbox users a lifeline, and is promising to add some key Mailbox features to Outlook Mobile.

As you may recall, Dropbox announced it would kill Mailbox and the Carousel photo app back in December, and would instead focus on its core cloud storage service. At the time, it said it would shut down Mailbox on February 26, 2016. Which is of course today.

“Like the Mailbox team, we’ve always believed that email on the go can and should be better,” Microsoft’s Javier Soltero writes in a new post to the Office Blogs. “As Mailbox is turned off, we are convinced more than ever before that there is still much more to do to make email on your phone amazing.”

I’ve often described Outlook Mobile for Android and iOS as the very best mobile email client, and of course this amazing app also helps you manage your contacts, calendar, and even access to documents in your multiple cloud storage accounts, all from one place.

But in his post, Mr. Soltero isn’t just pandering to distraught Mailbox users. He’s also offering to add key Mailbox features to Outlook Mobile, so they can have a comfortable and experience mobile email experience.

Microsoft Offers Outlook Mobile to Distraught Dropbox Mailbox Users

“We recently made improvements to our Schedule feature to make former Mailbox users feel right at home,” he explains. “We added several more options for scheduling messages to a later date and time with just a tap, including This Weekend for those personal emails you want to get out of the way or Next Week for less urgent projects. On top of that, we made it easier than ever before to reschedule an email if you change your mind.”

Despite the past tense in the quote above, Soltero says that these features will debut in app updates for Outlook Mobile on Android and iOS “next week.”


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