Outlook Mobile Hits Two Year Anniversary, Gets (More) Extensible

Posted on February 2, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Office 365, Mobile, iOS, Office with 21 Comments

Outlook Mobile Hits Two Year Anniversary, Gets Extensible

Microsoft today announced the two-year anniversary of Outlook Mobile for Android and iOS. And starting today, the iOS version is gaining extensibility thanks to a new add-ins capability.

Android will pick up this feature soon, Microsoft adds.

“Two years ago, we launched Outlook mobile with the goal of helping you accomplish more while on the go,” Microsoft’s Javier Soltero writes in a new post to the Office Blogs. “More means an inbox that helps you focus on the emails that matter most. More means a calendar that can manage your entire day, not just show you your schedule. And today, we are excited to continue that mission by bringing apps to your inbox with add-ins for Outlook on iOS.”

For this initial launch, Outlook for iOS will support several add-ins, including:

Dynamics 365. This add-in provides “real time insights about your business contacts and their organization, right in your inbox, so you can focus on the selling and have more meaningful interactions,” Microsoft says.

Translator. Helps you read messages in your preferred language, across devices, with support for 60 languages.

Nimble. Helps you get prepared for meetings and engage effectively with business intelligence about your email contacts and their organizations, right in email.

Trello. Turns your email into actionable items, keep track of projects, and make sure emails don’t go unseen.

Evernote. Capture what’s on your mind and stay organized by clipping emails from Outlook to a project notebook in Evernote.

Smartsheet. Helps you manage and automate work so you can get work assigned, updated, and completed more quickly.

GIPHY. This one helps you add GIFs to your emails. Why? Why ask why?

Microsoft is also providing developers with the information they need to write their own add-ins, so we should see these capabilities improve nicely over time.

Currently, add-ins are only available when reading email. But Microsoft says it will be adding more add-in actions for composing or replying to email in the future too.

Good stuff. I’ll be checking this out today if possible.


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Comments (21)

21 responses to “Outlook Mobile Hits Two Year Anniversary, Gets (More) Extensible”

  1. 430

    I'll say it again in case Microsoft is listening...  Fix the contact integration in the Android version already!  I get how it can't happen in iOS, but there's no excuse for the Android situation still being what it is at this point.  I don't think this is as difficult of a "computer science problem" as power management in Windows. :)  This situation is keeping faithful fanbois from using your app.  Contact management is bad enough for those of us in multiple ecosystems already, and I'm not adding one more layer to that issue with this app.

  2. 6014

    I'd settle for being able to add and edit a contact via Outlook on Android.  Seriously, basic stuff first please Microsoft.

  3. 9215


    Does Outlook for iOS still have zero hooks to the OS - like say - if I am looking at a contact and want to send them a mail - the mail opens in the lame ass iOS mail app?

    I really want to use Outlook iOS as my defacto email client on my phone - but if I have to keep dancing around basic workflow issues like this - I cannot see myself making the move?



    • 289

      In reply to BMcDonald:

      Yeah, that's an iOS issue. Apple will not allow you to change the default apps.

      • 9215

        In reply to Chris_Kez:

        So for those that have made the switch (I actually did try Outlook iOS about 6 months ago and it was excellent) what does everyone do?

        Manually email a contact etc in some workaround kind of way? Or - simply not use the iOS contacts app? (more likely) 


        • 4800

          In reply to BMcDonald:

          If you have an exchange account then all your contacts are there in the app.  You can then setup that exchange account in the iOS settings so the same contacts are in your phones contact list.  To send an email you would need to go into the Outlook app and click the new mail button instead of going into the stock apps and clicking the send an email button.

          The way I have mine setup is my personal email is in the stock app and my work email is in Outlook.

  4. 4039

    Can Microsoft please make an add-in that makes Outlook actually work like Outlook?  I find it useless to use on my iPhone with our corporate Exchange server for scheduling meetings with people.  No way to add conference rooms as a resource, horrible support for recurring meetings (e.g. trying to cancel just one event without deleting the entire recurring series), etc.

  5. 2585

    I can see a tremendous amount of usefulness in several of these features, especially dynamics and translate. I updated the app, but the new ad in widget isn't showing for me.

     On a second note, it's really ridiculous how nebulous the word 'Outlook' has become. Is it an app? A service? A mail client? A premium productivity tool? Yes.  Is there consistency in the features, capabilities or experience? No. 

  6. 10215

    Microsoft regularly update Outlook for iOS and since mid-December it's become very unreliable.  I rarely get push notifications and I usually only see new e-mail when I manually refresh.  Awful. 

  7. 5496

    Why aren't these new feature come too Windows PC or Phone first?

  8. 211

    Personally this doesn't do anything for me but it gives me some (faint) hope that one day Outlook may support the standard iOS share button so I can pass messages on to other apps, such as Todoist.

  9. 2394

    "More means an inbox that helps you focus on the emails that matter most."

    Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. That it'll be like the Outlook web client which is borderline unusable because Microsoft thinks it knows better than you what emails to "focus" on.

  10. 459

    Bizarre there is no OneNote add in.