Multi-Page Document Scanning Comes to Office Lens for Android

Posted on August 23, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Mobile, Android with 10 Comments

Multi-Page Document Scanning Comes to Office Lens for Android

A major update to Office Lens for Android adds a key feature that users have been clamoring for: The ability to scan multi-page documents and save them as a single document.

If that functionality sounds familiar, it’s because Microsoft previously added it to OneDrive for iOS. (Yes, you can scan documents from OneDrive too.) So even though Office Lens for iOS doesn’t (yet) have this feature, it will soon. And you can use OneDrive in the meantime.

Here’s what’s new in Office Lens for Android.

Scan multiple images. Our top requested feature is here. Scan more than one image and save them all as single PDF, a Word or PowerPoint file on OneDrive, or simply export them as images to the same OneNote location.

Get more from Office Lens. Create a free account to unlock premium features such as free 5 GB OneDrive storage, text extraction from image (OCR) and the ability to save in multiple file formats.

You can download Office Lens for Android from the Google Play Store. This app is highly recommended; I consider it a must-have on any mobile platform.


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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Multi-Page Document Scanning Comes to Office Lens for Android”

  1. Chris_Kez

    I have version 16.0.8326.1012, updated just now, and there's no multi-page option for me. I press the red scan button and what comes up is the save (disc) icon rather than the camera with a plus icon.

  2. Toddard

    Just updated to version 16.0.8431.1009. Finally have multi-page scanning back! I've missed it since I changed from Windows Phone to Android.

    • ellichen

      In reply to Toddard:

      Running the same version as you but somehow I don't see this, when I scan multiple pages and save them in a word file, it's not arranging them by page.

      Can you give some insight on the steps you take to run the scan?

  3. kdjones74

    I enabled two factor on my Microsoft Account a few months ago, and that's when I lost the ability to save from Office Lens to OneNote notebooks saved in my OneDrive (consumer, not OneDrive for Business). I just tried it again with the latest Office Lens app on Android and it is still not saving. Is this working for anyone with two factor?

  4. IanYates82

    Finally. The one thing I really miss from windows phone is now available on my s8. Just two and a half years later...

    Best news all day! ☺

  5. JohnPC

    This is cool, but it does already work in ios...

  6. Perry Reed

    While clunky, multi-page scanning already works on OfficeLens for iOS.