Google’s Biggest Pixel Failure Was Not Unit Sales (Premium)

As you may have heard, Google only sold 3.9 million Pixel handsets in all of 2017. But the erstwhile hardware maker has a bigger problem than that. Its flagship phone, the Pixel 2 XL, was one of the most unreliable devices ever released to the public.

This is a problem because Google is trying to establish its hardware credibility in order to more effectively compete against Apple. Suffice to say that it has failed miserably: No one with experience with both devices, like me, would ever hold up the Pixel 2 XL as a viable competitor to Apple's excellent iPhone X.

But there is an interesting response I routinely get from Pixel 2 XL owners: Their devices are just fine, thank you very much. So what am I always complaining about?

If this sounds familiar, you've been paying attention. This was the same response I got from Surface users over a year of complaining about Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 reliability issues. Some owners of those PCs simply didn't understand why I k...

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