OnePlus Launches a Red OnePlus 6

Posted on July 2, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 4 Comments

OnePlus today announced that it will soon sell its OnePlus 6 smartphone in a new color, a bright red. It will be available globally in the 8 GB/128 GB configuration and priced at $579, identical to the other OnePlus 6 variants.

“After the success of the OnePlus 5T Lava Red, we decided to produce a red edition worthy of the OnePlus 6,” OnePlus CEO Pete Lau writes in the announcement post. “After evaluating hundreds of colors, one color stood out among the rest. That color is now what we proudly call the OnePlus 6 Red.”

That Lave Red variant of the OnePlus 5T was a limited edition offering and it sold out quickly. Lau doesn’t mention or even suggest that the red OnePlus 6 is likewise a limited edition. But if you’ve been holding out for this color—the OnePlus 6 has been available in Silk White, Mirror Black, and Midnight Black since its launch—I’d move quickly just in case.

“We believe that a color traditionally associated with strength and attitude can also be elegant and humble, Lau continues. “OnePlus 6 Red is a true representation of our values regarding product and industrial design.”

According to Lau, the red color of the OnePlus 6 provides “amber-like depth and quality” thanks to “a sizeable glossy, transparent layer over the red coating.” And it uses a new film coating process that’s never been used before with any smartphone.

The OnePlus 6 Red variant will be available for sale “next week,” Lau notes, though we don’t have a specific date.

In a related note, my review of the OnePlus 6 will be available soon. So just as unspecific, I guess.


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Comments (4)

4 responses to “OnePlus Launches a Red OnePlus 6”

  1. RoHo

    Certainly an impressive color. I have wonder how many use a smartphone without a cover. I have Spigen on my 3T+ and haven't seen the back of my phone since I bought it. Also, without the cover the phone is slippery. So my conclusion is it doesn't matter what the color of your phone is, it's color of your cover that matters.

    • RonH

      In reply to RoHo:

      Unless you have a non glass phone that does't break. ;)

    • Saxwulf

      In reply to RoHo:

      More than you think perhaps. I have never used a case for any of my phones, of which I've had many over the years.My previous phone was a GS7Edge which I kept for 18 months, not a scratch. My present phone is an iPhone X, now about 6 months old, still looks brand new.

      Both phones are glass front and back, but remain in perfect condition as long as they're not dropped or slung around.

  2. planet

    Phones OnePlus looks really great.