Android Now Supports the Xbox One Controller

Posted on August 24, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Xbox One with 5 Comments

When Microsoft launched the new Xbox One controller along with the Xbox One S with Bluetooth support, the gaming community was more than pleased. With Bluetooth support, users were able to use the controller with other devices, and connect wirelessly to their Windows 10 PC. But mobile gamers weren’t quite happy.

You see, when the new Xbox One controller launched, it didn’t work too well with Android. When the controller was released, users tried playing Android games with the controller and were disappointed to see issues with key remapping. And now, XDA Developers reports that Google has finally fixed the remapping issues with Android Pie after 2 years. That means if your phone already has the new Android Pie update and you own an Xbox One controller, you should now be able to play games with the controller without any issues.

Here is the exciting part, though: CNET noticed earlier that Epic Games plans to add support for Bluetooth controllers to Fortnite eventually. With support for Bluetooth controllers and now that Android Pie works seamlessly with the Xbox One controller, you may soon be able to get a bunch of Victory Royales on your phone. Playing Fortnite on a phone is incredibly difficult if you aren’t an advanced mobile gamer, and support for Bluetooth controllers certainly transforms the game here. Should be quite interesting.

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