Xiaomi’s Latest Phone Has a Gorgeous No-Notch Design

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Android with 40 Comments

Xiaomi today launched the third-generation of its Mi Mix line. The company’s Mi Mix 3 is its most beautiful phone to date, featuring an edge-to-edge display and no notch.

Unlike almost all the devices coming out this year, Xiaomi has done something a little different with the design of the Mi Mix 3. Instead of putting the front-facing cameras and sensors on a notch, the company has instead made it into a slider that pops up when you need it. This means whenever you are taking a selfie, the slider can be opened to access the front camera. Xiamoi has also made it so you can use the slider as a shortcut — you can, for example, use it to accept calls, or launch a certain task.

The updated design of the 6.4-inch device means you are now getting a 93.4% screen-to-body ratio, and that’s pretty incredible. The company says the slider of the device has a life expectancy of 300,00 cycles.

As for the cameras, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 features a 12MP dual-camera setup on the back, with a 24-megapixel camera on the front. The device is powered by the Snapdragon 845 and comes with 10GB of RAM — yes, ten. It’s going to launch in China this November starting at 3,299 yuan — and that’s about $475. If you want the 10GB RAM model, you will have to spend around 4,999 yuan, or roughly $720.

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Comments (40)

40 responses to “Xiaomi’s Latest Phone Has a Gorgeous No-Notch Design”

  1. red.radar

    It’s beautiful but who cares.... your going to put a case on it. Well at least the average person will.

    I want a big bulky tank of a phone.

    One that will not blend.

    I want functional not art.

  2. yehuda

    Here's to hoping the OnePlus 7 will go in this direction. Can't justify getting the Oneplus 6T as I already have the 6 and the removal of the headphone jack is something I can wait for the 7 to do.

  3. Brazbit

    I wish a company would take the really bold move and ditch the selfie cam. It bugs me to constantly have a lens pointed at me while using the phone, I think I have maybe used a front facing camera twice (intentionally) in 10 years and those could have easily been done with the rear camera.

    • Davor Radman

      In reply to Brazbit:

      Speak for yourself. You are probably like 1 in a million. There is no market for that.

      I'm not a selfie addict, but it comes in handy sometimes.

    • JCerna

      In reply to Brazbit:

      They sorf of did, the selfie cam is hidden and wont be able to "see" you while using it if it's not out.

    • CaedenV

      In reply to Brazbit:

      I love the look of this phone! And yes, if they had a non-selfie version without the need for moving parts it would be even better!

      I have taken a grand total of 1 selfie... Other than pre-teens I am not sure there are a lot of self-respecting adults taking pictures of themselves all day.

    • Fuller1754

      In reply to Brazbit:

      I could live with that. In any case, I figured these cameras were more for Skyping than taking photos. Who takes pictures with the usually sub-class front facing camera? Aren't selfies done by turning the camera around? Maybe as a 36-year-old, I'm just out of the loop on this. But any design is better than the intrusive notch.

    • macguy59

      In reply to Brazbit:

      We've become a narcissistic society. There are people taking and posting upwards of 10 selfies a day. WTF people ?

  4. Komosis

    I was hoping that this one would have the in-screen fingerprint scanner. I might still get it, pass my 2s down the line.

  5. g9q24cqc

    when you open it do you feel as cool as using a Nokia 7110?

  6. Fuller1754

    Wow, gorgeous. I think that within a handful of phone generations, the notch will go out of style. Notches look awkward, because who wants little "ears" at the top of their screen? I would much rather just have a little upper bezel. I don't understand the obsession with having a front surface that's ALL screen. What's the appeal?

    • Fuller1754

      In reply to Fuller1754:

      And this phone has taken an innovative step at eliminating notch AND bezel. That deserves some praise. I know phone makers have shied away from any moving parts, but it's nice to see an outside-the-box design.

  7. gsmdaddy

    i am use and install Quick Shortcut Maker APK my xiaomi phone its amazing app

  8. HellcatM

    To bad Google didn't do this instead of the notch. This is a really smart idea!

  9. provision l-3

    I happy to withhold final judgment until the product ships and there is some real world usage out there but my initial reaction is that the slider is a bit of a clunky solution. It seems like the best way to avoid the notch is to just suck it up and expand the size of the upper bezel.

    • HellcatM

      In reply to provision l-3: Look at the side view picture. The screen is really thin because that part of the phone is JUST the screen, the rest of the phone has all the guts so if its any thicker its maybe a millimeter or so. Not chunky.

      • provision l-3

        In reply to HellcatM:

        I think you misread or perhaps my comment wasn't clear. I didn't say "chunky", I said "clunky". In using that term I'm not describing the physical size of the device but the concept of having to slide the back up and down to access the front facing camera. Again, I'm withholding final judgement until there is some real world usage. Hope that clarification helped.

  10. skane2600

    The usability and reliability of the slider remains to be seen, but it's certainly more innovative than a notch.

    • nbplopes

      In reply to skane2600:

      With the aim of a full edge to edge surface of glass, the notch it's a good workaround, nevertheless a workaround.

      I'm fine with it. But this approach feels much less of a workaround if the implementation is solid.

      The question I guess .... "how does this work with a case".

  11. RM

    I wonder what the slider cycles are cut down two if left out in pocket!

    • HellcatM

      In reply to RM: If more people just didn't put phones in their pockets, but instead used holsters there wouldn't be a problem. The thing is apple didn't bring out a holster and tell people to use it...probably because they want their phones to break and they're more likely to break in a pocket.

    • evox81

      In reply to RM:

      Companies have been doing sliders of various types for nearly 2 decades. I suspect it'll probably be fine.

  12. nbplopes

    For me this is what Apple should have done instead of the notch. It is also better for security and privacy making the use of the camera way more explicit. There was an ocasional use for the front facing camera until Face ID made it "artificially" permanent.

    I like the design. Hopefully the execution is there too.

    • provision l-3

      In reply to nbplopes:

      It's funny, when I read about it my initial thought was "thankfully Apple didn't do this". To me the dependence on Face ID as the primary form of security would make sliding the back up and down completely impractical. The Mi MIX 3 has a touch sensor so that gets around having to use the slider every time you want to use the phone. I would think than on an iPhone Xs/max/r that burning through the 300,000 cycles would happen pretty quickly. But I also imagine that most of this comes down to personal preference.

  13. thalter

    The slider phone is a form factor I haven't see for a while...

  14. Harumafuji

    Can you correct the life expectancy of the slider? Right now it says "300,00 cycles" and I don't know if you meant 30,000 or 300,000.

  15. amrudrasingh143

    very nice phone. awesome look with dual camera and powerfull processor snapdrgon 845.

    i am waiting this phone.