Latest OnePlus 6 Open Beta Adds a Ton of New Features

Posted on November 20, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 8 Comments

This week, OnePlus released as new Open Beta for the OnePlus 6, adding a video enhancer, OnePlus Roaming, and more.

OnePlus announced its Android 9 Pie Open Beta for the OnePlus 6 back in early September. As you might expect, I’ve been using it ever since, and I’m impressed by both the number of releases—this week’s release is the 7th beta—and by the number of new features.

And this 7th beta is particularly impressive on that last regard. Here’s what’s new.

New Video Enhancer feature. When enabled (in Settings > Display), the colors are enhanced for a better experience while watching videos.

New OnePlus Roaming feature. This one is interesting. OnePlus Roaming lets you surf the internet without a local SIM card. It’s like a virtual SIM that supports only data (e.g. you can’t make phone calls or send/receive text messages). OnePlus says it “should work globally in most of the countries/regions, and it will list out the plans available for the country/regions you are in so that you can purchase a suitable plan and access the Internet without a SIM.” Basically, you can purchase a roaming package before you travel and when you arrive you enable it. I will have to test this the next time I travel internationally.

Communication improvements. The OnePlus 6 will now vibrate when you hang up a call, and there are some UI improvements to the emergency rescue experience. Also, you can assign a specific SIM to each contact or group if desired in a dual-SIM configuration.

Launcher improvements. In addition to a new User Agreement and Privacy Policy, OnePlus has added App drawer options to its Launcher settings and has made “general bug fixes and performance improvements.”


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