Microsoft Launcher Gets To-Do and Sticky Notes Integration

Posted on November 21, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Android with 20 Comments

Microsoft is integrating its To-Do and Sticky Notes services into Microsoft Launcher with the latest update on Android. The latest major update for the launcher, version 5.1, introduces a couple of new features.

The standout feature here is obviously the Microsoft To-Do and Sticky Notes integration. Microsoft Launcher’s Notes card now displays notes from Sticky Notes, which is also available through the OneNote app as well as Windows 10. The To Do card for the launcher now shows tasks from Microsoft To-Do, as well as Outlook and Skype.

Another major feature coming with today’s update is the ability to track your screen time. Microsoft Launcher now includes a couple of Digital Health focused features like tracking your screen time, app usage, and the number of phone unlocks through the new screen time card.

Cortana integration is also getting improved with Microsoft Launcher 5.1, with the Cortana card now display more information like traffic updates and multi-commitments. Microsoft is also introducing Hey Cortana hotword support for users in the United States.

The update is available to Microsoft Launcher’s beta users, and it will likely make its way to more users later on.

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Comments (20)

20 responses to “Microsoft Launcher Gets To-Do and Sticky Notes Integration”

  1. RM

    Solid features being added! If you use Windows computers and MS Office, this is the launcher on Android you should at least try out. To me I am glade I went with Android now instead of iOS.

  2. madthinus

    If Microsoft were only this aggressive with updating Windows Phone like they are doing this launcher.

  3. jdmp10

    The case for using the MIcrosoft Launcher is really getting better with each new release. The new Stick Notes 3.0 release is a big upgrade over the non-cloud capable version. Problem is I still use Nova primarily on my Android phones and Google Keep for my basic note-taking.

  4. cadrethree

    Really like the Microsoft launcher, but it really seems to drain my battery fast?

  5. dontbe evil

    I'd like to have a full cortana and next lock screen all integrated in the luncher app (of course you should be able to enable/disable and customize everything)

  6. dxtremebob

    I haven't seen Sticky Notes in the most-recent update of OneNote on my Samsung Tab A running 7.1.1.

  7. IanYates82

    This is a bit of cut and paste from the release notes. I appreciate that, but it'd be nice to get additional information...


    * Skype has a to-do function??!!

    * does that mean it's dropped wunderlist support, or are the new tasks displayed alongside the existing ones? Or will I be prompted to upgrade to the new ToDo? (quite ok if that's the case since it was launcher integration, and maybe cortana integration, keeping me on wunderlist)

    * launcher already had notes. So are they mixed in with sticky notes now, or are they separate too? Any way to merge them?

    I'm in the beta but still haven't got 5.1. Shall report back if/when I get the update and witness some of the above.

  8. Mike Widrick

    This is getting very interesting now. If they can be persistent and iterate, I think they'll find ways to build a real business here. Look at what Amazon has done with a bunch of crappy tablets, ebooks and free shipping.

  9. UbelhorJ

    Neat I guess, but I don't use the Microsoft Launcher. I just want a stand alone sticky notes app.

    Where are they available in mobile OneNote? I don't see any way to access them.

  10. Dan1986ist

    Sticky Notes in Microsoft Launcher is pretty nice, especially if you want to a create a sticky note but don't want open up another app like OneNote. If you want use Sticky Notes in OneNote on Android that's fine as well. Also, the syncing between Sticky Notes on Android and Windows 10 seems to work pretty well.

  11. christian.hvid

    Not saying that the Internet is an echo chamber, but here's a quote I found on Microsoft Garage's own tribute page, prominently displayed in a red 36px font:

    “Microsoft makes what is arguably the best Android launcher.”

    – Paul Thurrott

    I couldn't agree more, by the way. And it's truly fascinating to watch how Microsoft is effectively building their own mobile OS right on top of Android. It's exactly what Google is doing with Chrome on Windows, only the other way around.

  12. shmuelie

    I just want a way to use Cortana easily from Auto :(

  13. alejandro

    I remain so confused with what MS is doing with Cortana...

    • prjman

      In reply to alejandro: Don't be confused. They are working diligently to make it irrelevant through their lack of focus. That will be followed closely thereafter by killing the product entirely.

  14. RonH

    I updated to 5.1 and my widgets on my home screen were gone. A quick restore and all is good... Back up first folks!!

  15. coeus89

    Wow, in the past 3 months, they have now fulfilled every one of my wish list items for the launcher. i don't know what else there is to do with it other than efficiency improvements :).