Google’s Project Fi Could Be Coming to the iPhone, OnePlus, and Samsung Devices

Posted on November 27, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google, Android with 7 Comments

Google’s Project Fi service could be getting a serious upgrade very soon. According to a now-removed post from BGR, which seems to be a broken embargo on an upcoming Google announcement, Google is opening up Project Fi to more devices.

More specifically, Google could be adding support for devices from Samsung, OnePlus, as well as LG and Motorola, reports Droid Life. Some LG and Motorola devices already work with Project Fi, but Google could potentially be adding more devices from these brands to its arsenal.

And if OnePlus and Samsung weren’t enough, Google could be adding support for Apple’s iPhone devices — in beta.

The only catch here is that you might not get the full  “Google Fi” experience on these devices. And for the full Fi experience, you will have to get devices that are “designed for Fi” and are officially sold by Google and its partners.

And notice the Google Fi branding? Google could finally drop the Project Fi branding and replace it with the Google Fi branding, as we reported earlier this month.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Google’s Project Fi Could Be Coming to the iPhone, OnePlus, and Samsung Devices”

  1. ben55124

    They should open it to any unlocked phone with T-Mobile bands -- like Mint. Sprint flipping may be more exclusive.

  2. rmlounsbury

    This could be interesting, I have considered moving over to Fi in the past but I usually had an unsupported device so I couldn't even if I wanted. Of course, it comes at the expense of sacrificing T-Mobile's JoD and their annual free MLB League Pass for streaming my favorite team that is out of market.

    I'll have to look at my data usage and if it is below the 6GB usage monthly this might be worthwhile. I'm curious if having the ability to leverage T-Mo, Sprint, and US Cellular's networks actually improves coverage vs just T-Mo or if is still roughly the same even with the extra networks.

  3. orbsitron

    I'm _very_ interested in Google Fi on iPhone. My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8, and I can't stand the UI inconsistencies, the annoying Bixby button which I accidentally press all the time (and button remap software has been spotty), the Samsung-specific settings and apps... etc.

    Like Paul, I'm "sticking with my current phone" until it no longer works. When it's time to upgrade, I'll likely moving to an iPhone.

    I'm curious what will be missing from the "full Google Fi experience" on iPhone and how well the iPhone will perform on Google Fi.

    The biggest appeal to me about Google Fi is the international pricing but I wouldn't want to saccrifice the day-to-day experience of calling or using data in the US.

  4. SvenJ

    Fi isn't the most economical service if you are a moderately heavy data user. It gets better if you are super heavy, as they have a cost cap. It's great if you can use very little data, relying mostly on WiFi. I find the coverage using all three services (T-Mo, Sprint, and US Cellular) pretty good. Often have service where my usual AT&T based iPhone fails. One thing I dearly love is the no cost data SIMS. Really, no cost to have the SIM in a device. You only pay for the data you use, not a monthly cover charge and assorted fees. (my AT&T data SIM cost my about $15/mo whether I used it or not. I have Data SIMs in iPad Mini's, my LTE Surface Go, and have had them in a Lumia 950XL. On the latter I could make Skype out phone calls via the data SIM. Data SIMs in non-Fi devices default to T-Mobile, they don't switch networks, but that's not terrible given the price. The customer service I've experienced with Fi has been excellent, BTW. I'd recommend to anyone who can live with a Fi capable device.

  5. Pierre Masse

    I wish we could have Fi in Canada :(

    • wright_is

      In reply to Pierre Masse:

      It seems very expensive... But the international roaming is interesting, I only get EU roaming on my contract.

      I currently pay 30€ for 10GB data, unlimited calls and SMS anywhere in the EU. That's enough for me, currently. Although the price is a little high. I tend not to use the full 10GB and a 6GB contract would save me around half the cost and I've seen 4 - 5GB for around 10€ (all with unlimited calls and SMS), if I move carriers. My contact comes up for renewal in the new year, so I'll be looking at my options very closely.