Microsoft Edge’s Picture-in-Picture Mode Comes to Android

Posted on February 28, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Microsoft with 3 Comments

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced a native picture-in-picture mode for videos on Microsoft Edge for iOS. The new picture-in-picture mode feature, titled floating video, allows users to continue watching videos from sites like YouTube while browsing other sites at the same time.

The feature is now making its way to users on Android this week. The company is releasing a new update for Microsoft Edge on Android which includes the new picture-in-picture mode, as well the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements. The feature is only available to users on Android 8.0 and newer, so you may not have the new feature if you are still on an older version of Android.

To recap, here’s how the feature works on iOS:

Once enabled, you can watch videos from sites like YouTube on a picture-in-picture mode. When you open up a YouTube video, for example, you need to swipe it from the left to the bottom right for it to go into show up as a floating video. The experience can be a little confusing at first but you will easily get the hang of it.

Once the video appears in the floating video mode, you can browse away to another page and keep watching it on the corner. You can also move it around the browser, place it anywhere you like and resize it if you would like. But the most impressive thing for me here is that you can actually go into other parts of the browser and the floating video will continue to play and show up.

You can get the new update for Microsoft Edge on Android from the Play Store here.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Microsoft Edge’s Picture-in-Picture Mode Comes to Android”

  1. Tom Wilson

    Edge is dead to me until they let me uninstall NewsGuard. (Not just provide a switch to turn it on and off.)

    • mestiphal

      In reply to Tom Wilson:

      I have a similar feeling, Microsoft drove me away from their mobile OS onto Android, why should I use Edge when Chrome is integrated into the OS. Besides, with Edge witching the render engine to match that of Chrome.. why bother to install a second browser

  2. Tony Barrett

    The Android Youtube app has had this feature for ages, Why you'd want to use Edge to view Youtube doesn't make sense anyway.