Microsoft Updates Surface Duo SDK, Introduces macOS and Linux Support

Posted on February 11, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Dev, Hardware, Mobile, Android with 0 Comments

Microsoft is today releasing a new version of the Surface Duo SDK. The company first released the Surface Duo SDK as a preview back in January.

Today, it’s releasing a new version of the SDK with some new features for developers who are already adapting their Android apps for the Surface Duo.

The new update comes with Kotlin versions of all the Java native samples Microsoft shared earlier. The update also introduces drag-and-drop support. But more importantly, the new update enables support for users on macOS, Linux (Ubuntu).

With the updated SDK, Microsoft is also adding support for Android Studio users on Windows, Visual Studio. There’s even a new integration for Visual Studio Code.

Along with the new SDK, Microsoft is introducing a new dual-screen module for React Native that will allow developers to add support for dual-screen devices to their React Native apps (for both Android and Windows 10X). It’s also introducing a new dual-screen SDK for Xamarin.Forms. The new SDK includes a TwoPaneview control and APIs that make it easier for developers to build dual-screen apps for both Windows 10X and Android.

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