OnePlus Announces Global Launch Event for OnePlus 10 Pro 5G

Posted on March 24, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Android with 2 Comments

Today, OnePlus announced that it will virtually launch its OnePlus 10 Pro 5G globally on Thursday, March 31 via a virtual event.

“OnePlus will launch the OnePlus 10 Pro 5G in India, Europe, and North America via a digital event,” the firm told me. “The device comes complete with a second-generation Hasselblad Camera for Mobile, super-fast charging, and much more.”

OnePlus says that users will finally learn North American pricing for the flagship handset, which had launched first in China. The event will also give users the chance “to learn more about the device [and] its competitive advantage.”

The OnePlus 10 Pro 5G launch event is open to members of the media, OnePlus/tech enthusiasts, community members, and anyone else who is interested in learning more about the OnePlus’ latest flagship device in North America.

You can learn more at the OnePlus website.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “OnePlus Announces Global Launch Event for OnePlus 10 Pro 5G”

  1. rmaclean

    Globally is just the northern hemisphere I guess

  2. lewk

    I guess us Aussies here in Australia aren't considered apart of the globe? OnePlus is still unavailable here.

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