Google is Adding New Features to Chrome on Android Tablets

Posted on October 18, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Google Chrome, Android with 1 Comment

Ahead of the release of its Pixel Tablet, Google announced that it is adding new productivity features to Chrome for Android on tablets. These features will also work on foldables.

“With the next release of Chrome on Android, we make it easier to navigate between tabs and get work done faster on your tablets,” Google’s Lola Adams writes in the announcement post. “The latest Chrome updates [is] available now on all Android tablets.”

New features include:

Auto scroll back for tabs. A new auto scroll back feature makes it easier to move back and forth between tabs by swiping in the top of Chrome.

One-step tab restore. If you accidentally close a tab, you can restore it more easily than before. (I can’t tell how this one works based on Google’s blog post or video demonstration.) Google also makes it harder to accidentally close a tab by hiding the close button if the tabs get too small.

Visual tab grid. This new UI displays your tabs in a grid with thumbnail previews instead of a single horizontal row.

Drag and drop from Chrome. You can now drag images, text, and links from Chrome and drop them into other apps.

Desktop mode improvements. Now, you can configure individual websites to always display in desktop mode if they don’t render correctly on your tablet.

Tab groups. This feature is already available on the desktop versions of Chrome, but it’s coming soon to Chrome for Android as well.