Lenovo Ships the First Tango-Powered Android Smartphone

Posted on November 1, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Mobile with 7 Comments

Lenovo Ships the First Tango-Powered Android Smartphone

Google has been talking about its Tango augmented reality initiative since last year, but it’s finally happening: The first Tango smartphone is now available.

Actually, Google has been working to bring AR to Android for over three years, according to the firm. And kudos to Google for simply using the codename for the final product: Tango was ushered to production under the codename—wait for it—Project Tango.

In any event, Google announced back in June that the first Tango-powered Android smartphone, the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, would ship in September. They just missed that date, but the wait is finally over.

Like the Windows Holographic technologies that power Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, Tango seeks to provide a mixed reality experience in which the real world is mixed with virtual objects. But by doing so on a smartphone screen, Google can eliminate the complexity, cost, and physical space limitations of HoloLens, not to mention the confusion caused by that device’s limited field of view. To be fair, a smartphone’s screen is no more or less limited, from a field of view perspective, than HoloLens. It’s just that this limitation is expected and familiar with a phone.


I’ve not used Tango, so I’m not sure if it captures the essential magic of HoloLens, where virtual objects are believably rooted in the real world and thus appear to be “real” to the user. But in looking over the technology’s website, it’s pretty clear that Google is aiming it at the same general target as HoloLens, and is offering a mix of productivity, education, and entertainment solutions that are built on Tango. There’s even a Lowe’s app, a nice shot at Microsoft.


As for the Phab 2 Pro itself, it’s a big phone, with a 6.4-inch 1440p screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor (which is apparently optimized for Tango), 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and 16/8 MP cameras. It’s got a huge battery, and is available in both Champagne Gold and Gunmetal Grey. It costs $500.


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  1. 1 | Reply
    awright18 Alpha Member #405 - 2 months ago

    I could careless about the Tango aspects but if this thing runs regular android stuff nicely, then its a great price and an awesome size for someone who likes big phones.  The giant battery I would hope would allow it to last all day too.  Maybe it will get good reviews. I'm also curious what version of Android its running.

  2. 1 | Reply
    chrisrut Alpha Member #193 - 2 months ago

    I suppose MS could be planning to integrate certain hololens-like capabilities into a "Small Surface Device." That would be interesting. Definite business uses - stay tuned for the $1000 smart phone...




  3. 0 | Reply
    the_real_entheos Alpha Member #2392 - 2 months ago

    This phone has pretty darn good specs for $500, what's the catch?