Android Users Can Now Pre-Register for Super Mario Run

Posted on December 29, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Games, iOS, Mobile with 9 Comments

Android Users Can Now Pre-Register for Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s smash mobile game, Super Mario Run, is coming to Android. And now users can pre-register for the initial release.

Nintendo of America announced the pre-registration via Twitter this morning.

Attn @Android users: Pre-Register now to be notified when the official #SuperMarioRun is available on @GooglePlay

Meaning, you can now view the product page for Super Mario Run on the Google Play Store, and pre-register—or as I would call it, “register,” but whatever—so you’ll be told when it’s ready for download and purchase.

“You’re about to pre-register for Super Mario Run,” the Google Play Store will inform you if you choose to do so. “Pre-registering means that you will receive a notification on your device when the app is released. You can unregister by clicking the ‘Unregister’ button.”

The only real surprise at Apple’s iPhone 7 event back in September, Super Mario Run debuted first on iOS earlier this month, but Nintendo said later it would bring it to Android as well.

Go figure, but the game is a delight, with more depth and action than I suspect many mobile gamers expected. More important, perhaps, it is faithful to the Nintendo ideal and to Mario series, and it actually expands greatly on the “endless runner”-type games that are common on mobile. Some have decried the $10 price tag, but the game is actually worth that price. And Nintendo lets users play the first four levels for free so anyone can check it out first and make sure it’s something they’d be interested in.

More controversially, the game requires an Internet connection to play. Nintendo says this is to prevent software piracy, which is a bit confusing since this doesn’t really happen on iOS in particular. But this requirement may have been more aimed at Android.

Anyway, here it comes, though there’s no word on an exact release date.


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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Android Users Can Now Pre-Register for Super Mario Run”

  1. 661

    won't be long until it is on the Windows Phone ;)


  2. 5615

    Seriously? Pre-register? For a game? On a phone?

    As if no one will know the instant it's available; and it's not like it'll sell out, you know, like the NES Classic. THAT they should have taken pre-orders for.

  3. 5240

    I didn't buy this on iOS because my iPad is WiFi only. The online requirement kills it. For my Android phone, I might give it a shot.

  4. 8446

    "the game requires an Internet connection to play"

    And any interest I had is suddenly gone...

  5. 8853

    Having just finished the book "Console Wars," I'm especially primed for some Mario nostalgia. (Fantastic book, by the way. Thanks for the recommendation on WW.) Might try this game, but it would have to be very good indeed for me to buy the full version for ten big ones.

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