Apple Delivers iOS 10.3

Posted on March 27, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in iOS with 22 Comments

Apple Delivers iOS 10.3

Apple delivered iOS 10.3 to compatible devices today, adding a small number of new features only.

But give Apple some credit: For a firm that often over-hypes each release as if it were the second coming, it has likewise offered a steady drumbeat of improvements. The original iOS 10 release shipped back in September—and had some decent new features—and was followed up by iOS 10.1 in October and iOS 10.2 in December.

Each of those two most recent updates came with a single marquee feature—Portrait mode (for iPhone 7 Plus only) in iOS 10.1 and the new TV app in iOS 10.2—and iOS 10.3 is no different. Except that this time around, that marquee feature, Find My AirPods, is on the lame side.

In addition to that little trinket, iOS 10.3 adds a single Apple ID profile interface in Settings, a Touch 3D-compatible weather icon in Maps, and various CarPlay improvements. There’s new file system called Apple File System (APFS) that is better optimized for the NAND storage used in i-Devices. In other words, not much. Or, as BGR puts it, iOS 10.3 is “packed with new features.”

Apple also shipped even less interesting updates to macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. So if you’re using Apple devices, be sure to fire up Software Update to get the latest software.


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Comments (22)

22 responses to “Apple Delivers iOS 10.3”

  1. johnbaxter

    APFS is a big under-the-hood thing, given that it replaces a disk file system that dates back to 1987

    It will be a bigger deal (and harder to pull off because of more variations in the world) when it comes out for macOS later this year.

    A backup is a good idea (always for system upgrades/updates)...particularly this time since Apple is undertaking to do a live file system replacement during installation.

  2. Ed

    Gained ~2gb in free space on my iPhone after the 10.3 update. Likely due to Apple's new file system in the update. I'm ok with that. :-)

  3. gvan

    I still don't see anything about 4K support for Apple iTunes or Apple TV. Has anyone seen any 4K news from Apple? I'm seriously concerned that they might not have any plans to do 4K at all? I can't find anything from Apple about 4K, not even a vague statement like "Planning support 4K some day".

  4. ForensicCPA

    All well and good, but they finally corrected the direction buttons in email lists so that rather than dyslexic arrows pointing left and right, you have a return to the up and down arrows where advancing to the next message is a right/downward arrow rather than the left arrow. That alone is worth the price of admission unless, of course, you're dyslexic.

  5. jbuccola

    Overnight, tens of millions of devices quietly had new file systems installed. As nerds, let's pause for a moment and marvel in that engineering feat.

  6. Michael Rivers

    I think 32 bit apps will stop working after this update, which really sucks because I rely on an old app to teach almost every day. It's the app maker's fault because Apple warned everybody two years ago to update their apps, but it still sucks for me. Guess I'll have to write my own.

  7. glenn8878

    Does it finally fix the battery bug? I hope so.

  8. clowg

    I wouldn't rush out to get any iOS update these days. Wait for all the fanbois to do it and find the issues first.

    They have had a string of 'initial issues' with each major release in the last couple of years.

  9. Thomas Parkison

    It's far smoother running than iOS 10.2.1 on my iPhone 7 Plus. Far less graphical hitches. Overall better system performance.

  10. Ron Diaz

    Apple File System is what Microsoft tried and failed to do years ago.

    Give some credit where credit is due...

  11. RobertJasiek

    My hope is that Apple File System enables general file managers for iOS handling any and all file types. For me, this would triple the value of iOS hardware. Hence Apple File System could be Apples greatest reinvention ever.

  12. DaddyBrownJr

    The perfect OS just keeps getting perfecter, I guess.

  13. NateInSLC

    Ha! Yup. Find my AirPods is kind of a joke. I have real headphones so I don't care.

    But I do think the new file system is a bigger deal. It's been a long time coming and should be a big benefit in terms of improved file encryption and security as well as improved flash usage. But, a change that big is also the reason I'll be waiting a few days before I update to make sure others find any big launch day bugs.

  14. williambelton

    With the constant updates for iOS from Apple, vShare has evolved its support as well and you can safely install vShare for iOS 10.3 on your iOS devices with latest firmware. Jailbreaking iOS 10 has been largely unfruitful so far.

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