OneDrive for iOS Gets Refined Designed With Big New Update

Posted on January 30, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in iOS, Microsoft Consumer Services, Mobile, OneDrive with 7 Comments

Microsoft’s OneDrive app for the iPhone and iPad is getting a major new update this week. The new update brings an improved look, as well as a bunch of new features and bug fixes to the app.

The big new addition in the new update is the improved look, which Microsoft is marketing as a “new look” for the app. The updated look still looks much like the previous design, so it’s not really a huge change. The improved design does have some interesting changes, though — for one, Microsoft seems to have slightly tweaked the font style to make things easier to scan throughout the app. Second, there’s a new ellipsis menu for every file within the app to make accessing the context menu significantly easier. Additionally, iPad’s multi-column list view has been ditched in favour of a more PC-like experience, too. Most of the app still looks exactly the same as before, though, so it isn’t necessarily a new look — rather a refined design.

The update brings another new feature: the ability to drag-and-drop files. Microsoft is introducing a new tap-and-hold gesture for every item in your OneDrive that lets you drag files and folders into each other to move them around. The user experience for this is actually pretty neat, and I’d imagine it will work particularly well on bigger screens like the iPad Pro, where you can also drag-and-drop files into other apps in iOS 11.

Apart from the new look and drag-and-drop support, the new OneDrive brings a bunch of other new features. The app now includes file previews for more than 130 file types, support for the Files app in iOS 11, Microsoft Flow integration, improved iPhone X landscape support, and much more. It’s rolling out today on the App Store, and you can grab it here. 

Thanks for the tip, Mohammad!

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “OneDrive for iOS Gets Refined Designed With Big New Update”

  1. smashie

    It's a welcome update, although the dragging and dropping is a bit too easy to do and messed up my folder structure quite quickly

  2. Atoqir

    Yay they support the "Files" app in iOS for viewing, saving and creation for personal and business accounts

    Finally, that was what I was waiting

  3. Chris_Kez

    Still waiting on a dark theme for OneDrive and Outlook on iOS.

  4. Lewk

    And no update in sight for the Windows 10 UWP version. (And yes it's coming, as stated in their blog.) iOS gets updated for it twice, android got it a month ago and the web got it a few weeks ago. But Microsoft's very own platform is left to rot with a joke of an app that doesn't even work properly and looks like a pile of garbage.

  5. Maxpayne

    So, it seems that the OneDrive will be getting a major update. With this total revamping the user interface seems to be much more efficient and user friendly. There have been so many complaints regarding the unstable behavior of the software before.

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