This Character Can Crash Almost All Apps on Apple Devices

Posted on February 15, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in iOS with 11 Comments

A new bug in Apple devices has been discovered. Engineers at Aloha Browser discovered a new character from Telugu, a regional Indian language, that can crash iOS, macOS, tvOS, etc.

This means, if you receive a message, a notification, or an app that includes the character, the app will likely crash on your device, reports The Verge. The bug seems to be fixed on the latest iOS 11.3 developer beta already, though it’s affecting the latest, public version of iOS which is what the majority of iPhone users are currently using. On the Mac front, as you can see above, entering the character within apps will completely crash them and require you to restart them. The character interestingly doesn’t crash all apps, however. Notably, I couldn’t get it to crash Chromium-based Electron apps, and it mostly seems to be perfectly functional with native Mac apps instead.

Apple is reportedly aware of the bug already, and a fix will likely follow later today or sometime tomorrow. This isn’t the first time a bug like this has been discovered on Apple’s software — in fact, we have a new “iPhone-crashing bug” almost every year. The latest incident is business as usual.

Either way, Apple has been under a lot of fire lately because of the buggy iOS 11 updates. The company is believed to be focusing on stability and reliability with this year’s iOS 12 release, though I personally wouldn’t be too surprised if another iPhone crashing bug shows up next year.

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