Mophie’s Much-Awaited Battery Case Only Works With the iPhone X

Posted on November 2, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS with 1 Comment

Mophie is very well known for its battery charging cases for iPhones. The company usually launches new charging cases soon after Apple launches new iPhones, though, with the iPhone X, things have been a little different.

For some reason, companies like Mophie have been struggling to get battery cases out for the iPhone X. After almost a year since the iPhone X launched, Mophie is now selling a Qi battery case for the iPhone X: the Juice Pack Air.

It’s a $99.95 1720mAh battery case with a simple design and a LED status indicator that works wirelessly with the iPhone X (via MacRumors). This means you can charge both your device and the charging case itself by placing it on a wireless charger, and that’s definitely a very cool feature if you are a fan of wireless charging.

The problem is that the Juice Pack Air doesn’t work with any of Apple’s new devices, and that includes the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and the iPhone Xr. And the device it does work with is no longer sold by Apple either. So it’s really only for people who already own the iPhone X.

The company said on Twitter it has “nothing” to announce for a different version of the Juice Pack Air that works with Apple’s latest iPhones, so you might have to keep waiting for much longer for those.

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One response to “Mophie’s Much-Awaited Battery Case Only Works With the iPhone X”

  1. jimchamplin

    Doesn’t work with the XS? Why not? Their dimensions are identical, aren’t they?

    And how hard could it be to at least announce, “yeah, we know the physical measurements of the XS Max. Give us some time to get manufacturing going and it’ll be out too.”

    But apparently making a case work with a phone that’s physically identical (if it indeed is) is similar to a hard computer science problem.

    Edit: Both devices are 7.7mm x 70.9 x 143.6. Physically identical.

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