Apple Launches iPadOS With App Expose, Multi-Instance Apps, More

Posted on June 3, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS with 57 Comments

Apple is announcing iOS 13 today. And along with the launch of iOS 13, the company is separating iOS on the iPhone with iOS on the iPad. As the company increases its focus on the iPad and works on making iOS more powerful on the iPad, splitting up iOS on the iPhone and iOS on the iPad makes a lot of sense.

Meet iPadOS.

The new OS for the iPad is simply called iPadOS, and it’s a massive change in strategy for Cupertino. For ages, Apple has continued to distribute the same OS for the iPad and iPhones. But over the last years, Apple has introduced new features, like multitasking, that is only available on the iPad. And so, instead of working on the same OS for both iPhones and iPads, it makes sense to simply split it up and have a standalone OS for the iPad.

Here’s what’s new in iPadOS:

  • Ability to pin widgets to the home screen
  • Multi-instance capabilities for apps, so you can have two different apps of the same instance open side-by-side.
  • App Expose on the iPad
  • You can now plug in a USB drive and use it with the built-in Files app
  • Import files from external drives directly to other, third-party apps
  • Safari is getting improved on the iPad with optimized touch support for websites on the iPad, a new download manager, and 30 new shortcuts
  • Ability to download fonts from the App Store
  • Improved text editing with new gestures that make it easy to browse long texts, move around while editing, and a new three-finger-swipe-to-undo gesture
  • Apple Pencil now has a latency of only 9ms, as well as a new experience for marking up things like screenshots
  • New compact keyboard, with support for swiping-and-typing


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