Microsoft Joins The iMessage Party With MovieDate

Posted on October 23, 2016 by Brad Sams in iOS with 9 Comments

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With the release of iOS 10, Apple has enabled support for third-party applications to add new content to its messaging platform. Because Microsoft doesn’t want to miss out on the sticker trend within Apple’s iMessage application, they have released a new app called #MovieDate (yes, the hashtag is in the name).

The app, spotted by @withmsft, which is published by Microsoft Corporation and not Microsoft Garage, allows you to send a message to a friend requesting them to join you for a movie. In other words, according to Microsoft, this app allows you to “avoid the awkwardness and stress of asking someone out with the #moviedate iMessage”.20161023_152910000_ios20161023_153111000_ios 20161023_153200000_ios

Begrudgingly, I asked Paul if he wanted to see a movie to try out this app and well, it does exactly what it says. The stickers allow you to communicate with another party by suggesting a movie (that also links to the movie trailer) and they can respond with another sticker. Admittedly, I am likely not the target market for this app as it appears to be aimed at a younger, more single, demographic than I.

So, why would Microsoft release an app like this? Sure, this one is a bit pointless but I suspect the company may be looking to see how popular these extensions truly are with iPhone users. If they determine that iMessage extensions are utilized at a high rate, they could invest more time and effort to build productivity plug-ins for Office (and similar apps) that do provide real value to a wider audience of its customer base. Or, this could be a random app being released, but those kinds of projects are typically released under the Garage name.

If you want to to try out the new app, you can find it here.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Microsoft Joins The iMessage Party With MovieDate”

  1. 5618

    I can actually imagine Brad spamming Paul with movie dates now and Paul going Sigh... :)

  2. 5394

    Microsoft bringing geeks together awkwardly. Never take responsibility for a rejection. Not a date. It's a movie meet to watch with someone you know and hope to know better, sort of if it leads to that but may not, but a chance it can/could be more. For Success!!

  3. 5234

    There should only be one response to any Madea movie: NO!

  4. 5510

     I am not sure that I am understanding, MSFT wants to test this? The concept of stickers has been around for a few years, and as far as I know, with the very popular global app Viber. IMO, MSFT does not need to test. Just do it.

  5. 186

    I suppose for the millions of teenage girls this app will be great :-)

  6. 1292

    I threw up in my mouth a little reading this article. Microsoft the enterprise focused company indeed.

  7. 9258

    This is all together good moved by microsoft Growing popularity of and messenger will certainly get some hold in market for them.I hope movie date will do wonder for microsoft in movie market place although they have to fight with deep pocket player like netflix spotify let's see who will win only time will tell.

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