Corel Confirms Acquisition of Parallels

Posted on December 20, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Mac and macOS, Music + Videos, Windows 10 with 22 Comments

Corel today confirmed that it will acquire desktop virtualization provider Parallels for an undisclosed sum.

“We’re excited to welcome our new Parallels employees to Corel’s global organization,” Corel CEO [said](Patrick Nichols). “From our highly complementary product portfolios to our shared business models and strategies, Corel and Parallels are a great fit. Thanks to the combined power of our technologies and teams, we see tremendous opportunities to drive continued growth and success for our businesses and, most importantly, our customers.”

News of Corel’s acquisition first surfaced in late November, and the firm quickly confirmed its plans to me and said it would have more to say publicly soon.

Parallels, as you may know, makes Parallels Desktop for Mac and Parallels Toolbox for Windows and Mac, as well as several other related tools. It is my preferred solution for desktop virtualization on the Mac, but the Parallels Toolbox product is quite useful as well, on both platforms.

According to Corel, it will make a “significant investment” in the Parallels business and it believes that it can leverage the strength of its entire product catalog—which includes such heavyweights as CorelDRAW, PaintShop Pro, WinDVD Pro, WinZIP, WordPerfect, and many others—to their mutual benefit.

“Parallels and Corel share a common vision, market leadership, and passion for innovation,” Parallels CEO Jack Zubarev says. “We look forward to continuing to serve our customers and partners with best-in-class software as part of Corel.”


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Comments (22)

22 responses to “Corel Confirms Acquisition of Parallels”

  1. jchampeau

    With titles like WordPerfect and WinDVD Pro in their portfolio, Corel's "passion for innovation" is obvious.

  2. Sykeward

    This seems like a strange pairing, but it also seems like Corel has a strange software portfolio - I didn't realize before today that Corel also owns WinDVD and WinZip. They're like hoarders of now-defunct software that was popular 20 years ago.

    • plettza

      In reply to Sykeward:

      Paint Shop Pro



      Roxio Creator

      to name a few. Yep, they certainly have an interesting portfolio.

      Personally, I still use WinZip and Paint Shop Pro but they include so much nagware with their software, it's difficult to recommend. Every so often a Corel offer pops up. And remember, I cop these ads for fully licensed and paid-for software.

    • jimchamplin

      In reply to Sykeward:

      It seems like their target market are people who actually like the crapware bundled with Best Buy PCs.

  3. JoePaulson

    perhaps they will release a version for Linux now? It would be great to work with Windows applications sxs with Linux apps on a Linux OS.

  4. pherbie

    WordPerfect still exists??????

  5. markbyrn

    Guess they can bundle in Winzip & Wordperfect.

  6. simont

    Corel owns WinZip??

  7. dpeters11

    I' d forgotten Corel still existed.

  8. RM2016

    Hope they bring it to Windows.

  9. will

    Honestly curious what this looks like a year from now with the next version of Parallels.

  10. SvenJ

    Hope they don't 'F' it up, making it better. While Paint Shop Pro has come a long way since they bought it, it has departed significantly from what it once was.