Yet Another Sale Keeps Microsoft Band 2 Pricing at $175

Posted on May 29, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft-Band with 0 Comments

Yet Another Sale Keeps Microsoft Band 2 Pricing at $175

Microsoft held month-long sales on its Band 2 fitness wearable for each of the past three months, lowering the effective price of the device by $75 to $175. And today, Microsoft is once again putting Band 2 on sale. But this time, the special pricing lasts longer than it has before.

So while I’m sure Microsoft has some reason for not just making it permanent, let’s just call this $175 pricing the “real” price of the Microsoft Band 2.

The previous promotion ran through the first three weeks of May, with the promotional pricing ending May 21. This new promotion, however, runs through July 29, so it lasts for two full months.

As I keep pointing—sorry, what else can I say about this thing?—the Microsoft Band is my favorite wearable, and it cuts a perfect balance, I think, between more expensive smart watches (like the terrible Apple Watch) and lower-end fitness wearable (most Fitbits).

More to the point, at $175, the Microsoft Band 2 is a lot more compelling. That’s just half the price of the starter Apple Watch, and probably less than a third the price of a typical Apple Watch.

The only issue, of course, is reliability: Though Band 2 seems to suffer from fewer defects than the first model, I’ve seen numerous reports from readers and friends about the Band 2 coming apart in the seam between the face and the strap, andfixing that is issue is a key part of the advice I have for Microsoft about the next version. But I’ve been told by numerous people, too, that Microsoft will simply replace any broken Band 2—in person in stores, or online—no questions asked.

Of course, availability is an issue too. This sale applies to Microsoft Stores in the US and Canada, though it’s possible you might see a similar sale in the UK too, and at other retailers that sell the Band 2. For example, I see that Microsoft Band 2 is $175 at as well.

Thanks to John Callahan of Windows Central for tipping me off to the new sale.


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