Microsoft Band 2 Tip: Develop a Charging Strategy

Posted on November 5, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft-Band with 0 Comments


Microsoft Band 2 Tip: Develop a Charging Strategy

As with the original Band, Microsoft claims that Band 2 gets up to 48 hours of battery life. But in my experience real-world battery life is closer to 24 hours or less if you use the GPS. So my advice is to charge Band 2 every day if possible.

When you do so will of course depend on *your* routine.

If you’re not going to use Band 2 to monitor your sleep, the timing is obvious: Simply charge it each night when you’re asleep. This is what I typically do now.

Otherwise, you could consider charging Band 2 while you’re taking a shower, during an hour or so of downtime at work each day, while eating breakfast, or during some similar regularly-scheduled event.

[You may also want to consider purchasing a second USB charging cable from the Microsoft Store]( It costs $19.99, and lets you keep one charger at work, and one at home. Or if you travel a lot, as I do, you can keep the spare in your travel bag. This is important because Band 2 really does need to be charged regularly; you won’t be able to go even two days without charging.

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