You Can Now Preorder Surface Pen in Burgundy, Black, or Cobalt Blue

Posted on August 1, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 0 Comments

You Can Now Preorder Surface Pen in Burgundy, Black, or Cobalt Blue

Good news, Surface fans: You can now preorder Microsoft’s improved new Surface Pen in additional colors.

You may recall that Microsoft introduced its new Surface Pen—which offers tilt support and 4096 pressure levels—at the same China-based event at which it unveiled its new Surface Pro. Like the new Surface Laptop, the new Surface Pen was advertised as being available in multiple colors, in this case, Platinum, Burgundy, Black, and Cobalt Blue.

But as we discovered in early June, fans who wanted to go all-in with a colorful new Surface Pen were out-of-luck: Microsoft initially only offered the peripheral in Platinum. A month later, the situation hadn’t improved much, with Microsoft stating that the other colors would be available “later this summer.”

Well, it’s later this summer. And for the first time, the new Surface Pen is available for preorder in Burgundy, Black, or Cobalt Blue.

That these colors aren’t exactly the same as the color choices on Surface Laptop is, of course, inexplicable. But the new Surface Pro, which provides the best Pen performance thanks to a special internal chip, only comes in a natural magnesium color. Which is not Platinum, but is close enough.

Surface Pen costs $99 and will ship in the new colors on August 21 in the United States, and shortly thereafter in other markets, Microsoft says. (Neowin reports that the UK will see the new Pens on August 24, for example.)


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