Enthusiasts Petition Microsoft to Make Andromeda

Posted on July 9, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 93 Comments

Andromeda concept fan-art

A grassroots effort to convince Microsoft that there is a market for its Andromeda mobile device is now underway courtesy of a Change.org petition.

“All the fans of windows phone [sic] want Microsoft to release the Surface Phone aka Surface Andromeda Phone Project that has been leaking out lately with the phone screen that can turn into a tablet,” the poorly-written petition description notes. “I’m doing this petition to see how many people would buy this phone if Microsoft would release it. Money is power and if a lot of people want a Surface phone like the ones in the leaks then they will be forced into action as everyone knows Microsoft wouldn’t be able to give a reason on why not to do it to there [sic] investors, as its too much of a money opportunity to miss.”

Ah boy.

Despite its amateurish nature, the petition has already garnered almost 11,000 signatures at the time of this writing. Cynically, one might describe that as an accurate measurement of the potential market for this rumored device. But I appreciate the effort. I just wish that the petition’s author had sought some professional help writing it.

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Comments (94)

94 responses to “Enthusiasts Petition Microsoft to Make Andromeda”

  1. jprestig

    I wonder how many of the people that signed would actually purchase it.

  2. bennett_cg

    If it takes a petition to prove the market, then there's no market.

  3. Daekar

    I want to love this idea. I really do. But I already have an Android phone I'm not giving up, a desktop for real work, a laptop that is WAY more useful for mobile productivity than this would ever be, and I will absolutely not buy a fourth device. There are no enough situations where I can't do what I need with my phone but I also didn't bring my laptop along.

  4. damanman

    This petition news would have been even better if it was instead a post on the Windows Insiders forum where all the Insiders just upvoted it to the top over things that actually make sense to fix or pursue.

  5. RM

    It is interesting that a lot more a signing up for this device than would put down money for a new Windows Phone (of course no money is being exchanged here, but still). I think it casting to a big screen, keyboard, and mouse would be easy, there is a market for this device. Maybe even sell a small wireless mouse for it.

  6. gregsedwards

    Who else read this as "Euthanasists Petition Microsoft Make Andromeda"? Just me? ?

  7. Scott Ross

    I love Mehdi's reaction about the petition. While it is interesting I am not sure about purchasing one if it comes out. Two things would need to happen for me to be interested. 1. It needs to be named courier and 2. it needs be on some sort of fire sale after manufacturing stops. If it does come out it will probably be like the Kin and have a short lifespan. I like liliputing. I own an 8" Winbook tablet for fun but I have no use for this device other than to possibly replace the Winbook tablet.

  8. Jay

    Why do they need to force Windows 10 on everything? Give me a highly customized Windows centric Android device without all the google crap and we're in business. I don't need to dock my phone and all that other crazy stuff - but if its there fine. I want to access Outlook, write small documents, play games, things to supplement work etc etc.

    I have an Iphone that has thousands of apps but you won't see me being ultra productive on it - that's for my PC workstation. I do use the Iphone for some light work related things but it isn't my primary driver - and I don't want it to be.

  9. glenn8878

    Microsoft should focus on the software instead of hardware. Windows 10 has taken a BIG step back from mobile after the demise of Windows 8.1. It is barely functional as a tablet. You mainly get the desktop experience. If they can fix the mobile experience for tablet sized screens, then competitors can offer their own products, which will be more affordable, better tuned, and be closer to what the public needs. Still, it won't fix the lack of apps, Edge sucks, and there's no mobile file explorer or mobile file manager. Then there's the issue of what processor will power it. Will Intel Pentium or ARM power it? It's a compromise.

    • Robert Wade

      In reply to glenn8878:

      I couldn't agree with you more. By comparison, Windows 8 was tremendously better for touch devices than Windows 10 (which is user-spiteful, in my opinion). Instead of focusing Continuum on getting Windows 10 Mobile to scale UP to a PC, they should be making Windows 10 capable of a proper Tablet Mode, and then have that mode capable of scaling DOWN to whatever hardware it's on. Personally, I think Andromeda is a stupid device, and there's nothing anyone can say to convince me it's more than an ultra-niche device. BUT, if Windows 10 could actually give a good experience scaled to whatever hardware, then it really wouldn't matter what frankenstein's monster someone came out with.

      • skane2600

        In reply to Robert_Wade:

        The problem is that the mobile and desktop never should have been coupled together. Many non-mobile users (i.e. most Windows users) hated 8 and it seems a number of mobile users don't care for 10. Compromise is the intrinsic characteristic of any cross-platform scheme.

  10. CMDV

    I would love for Andromeda to come to market as well. IMHO it only "works" when Snapdragon 1000 available...maybe 850. But it only "succeeds" if/when the PWA revolution takes off. Of course, Samsung's version will already have been on the market for two years by then...

  11. vedhogger

    Just do it. If you do not get back into the phone industry soon, with support for Android apps, both Bill Gates and I will continue to be angry with you. And I will send a new application for the CEO job. Will we need a Viking instead of an indian to get it done?

    • vedhogger

      In reply to vedhogger:

      And make a new Arm normal 512 GB phone too that I can use as my PC with all w32/x64 apps in a meeting room with 2 screens on the wall with Cams, O365, Teams without any cables and dongels! And with all my productivity apps. It just connects and works. This is my only device, my only device!!! Screens however could be anywhere or everywhere, mice too, and qwerty keyboards. Support toush ower the connection on my whiteboards. Minimum battery life is 48 hours! and not 6h like my damn 2 year old Iphone 6s :( Of cause it runs Android and PWA's. It is my workhorse and it is offloaded by cloud services. Just do it. Scott, Panos, Anders, Dave and Mark should be on the team! - Just do it!

    • DaveHelps

      In reply to vedhogger:

      Hi mate,

      Please accept my apologies if I am being “Dick from the Internet” (of Dilbert fame),


      I have no issue if you have technology preferences or biases,

      and no problem if you think Staya’s business decisions are poor,

      but I think when you look back at this tomorrow you might regret citing his ethnicity as being a factor.

      I’m assuming it was unintentional, so don’t sweat it. Probably just a poor choice of words in the heat of the moment.

      And likewise, I am writing this comment after 4 beers, so maybe I am over-reacting.

      All the best,


  12. CaedenV

    I really REALLY like the idea of this form factor, bu there are going to be draw backs;

    1) Likely an ARM product, and as it has been in development so long... probably not the most modern platform of ARM. This means limited App availability. It isn't like a normal PC where you can install bluestacks and get to the android store.

    2) If it is a phone... how is that going to work? Will it be loaded with all of the sensors and mic arrays of a standard PC? Will it rely on a BT headset? ... is it something I could just do with my current laptop with a SIM card?

    3) Will it have a notch and be missing a headphone jack? Because those at the things people are really asking for based on everyone's excitement over modern phones.

    Now, I personally would love a device like this... but probably not a Windows device like this. When I was on Windows Phone I had no issue with the lack of app store, because I never had one, so I didn't miss it. Now I have 2 games I play religiously, and a handfull of apps that I rely on which are not available on anything Windows. Without the apps, no matter how awesome the hardware is, it will be a dead platform.

    Lastly, I get the feeling that MS does not want to release this simply because it was not good enough. Maybe battery life, or performance, or a longevity issue with the dual screen/hinge thing. Like the mini tablet that was canceled a few years back; sometimes the best decision is to cut your losses and walk away. Rather than putting a ho-humm product that is going to damage your brand and reputation, just say 'hey, we think we are on to something, but it does not measure up to our standard yet, so we are not releasing it". The cat is out of the bag, so just own up to it. Nothing wrong with that.

  13. brduffy

    I have no idea what Andromeda would look like or if it would be useful and honestly neither does anyone else. This article and others like it reek of the disappointment and betrayal that their authors suffered after supporting Windows Phone for as long as they did. Its okay to jump back on a horse after falling off. If you fall off again, who cares? Its just an attempt at a new way of doing things. Its not like Microsoft will be forever disgraced because they tried something new.

  14. plettza

    I wonder when Paul will sign the petition?

  15. roastedwookie

    :))) That petition just proves the level of desperation for some fanboys. Pathetic :))) I might sign it just to see it fail in the end. The world doesn't really need another half baked MS product that will be abandoned anyway.

  16. derylmccarty

    First the caveats:

    1. I am a Surface and Microsoft fanboy! (Actually, I am closer to an Surface nut job and firmly believe that Panos Panay - while he may be totally self-absorbed - should be king of the (tech) world).
    2. I signed the petition.
    3. I did so knowing that while MSFT may even have a fan-boy "Andromeda" product, they are extremely flinty-eyed when determining whether a particular product could be profitable. And I want them to be that way!
    4. See item #1

    If Surface will indeed announce a "product" tomorrow, I would love it to be Andromeda, but there are other - albeit mundane, even prosaic - products that would turn my fancy:

    A. a Surface Dock, for example. With a charger that could handle an SB2 running games 4k games at 120 fps on the NVidia card and not lose charge. Oh, and still charge/connect monitors, wired and Wi-Fi routers, additional HDDs and EVEN a Blue Ray, ad nauseum. AND give you the option of using the Surface Connect (at USB 3 speeds) OR, wait for it, a Type C connection - whatever its physical form - at Thunderbolt (TB) 3+ speeds.

    B. An SB3 with upgraded NVidia, TB connection, and a true 24 hour battery.

    C. A Surface Pen with Qi-type charging on the SB3 (I am ever hopeful) or just on any Qi "matt".

    D. A Qi-type chargeable matt to work with a Qi chargeable Surface Keyboard and Mouse. (Okay, that's three products).

    E. A stand-alone 30-32 inch 4k monitor, at 3:2 ,repeat at 3:2, but not a Studio- like product which has a built-in CPU/GPU etc. Just a dumb monitor with speaker and (maybe) a camera lens for Hello.

    F. And certainly, per my caveats, I would like to see an Andromeda, but maybe more like a Boeing "Black" that is perhaps Iridium based, secure, encrypted, One-Note-able, One Drive-able, but large enough - fold-out screens are good - with a Surface Pen Junior. That would include a Thunder Bolt connection to a Surface Dock Junior or Miracast or wired to a separately powered monitor in the office.

    That's enough - but as always, refer to #1 above.

  17. illuminated

    After 7B wasted on Nokia I am not so sure that this is a good idea.

    • jaymelbe

      In reply to illuminated:

      The money wasted on Nokia was stupid... Nokia is not a good maker... They destoyed Windows Phone! Sadly Microsoft has made bad choises regarding WP... it was much better with Samsung and HTC.

      • Chris

        In reply to jaymelbe:

        It wasn't Nokia themselves that ruined Windows Phone. It was the Microsoft-owned Nokia that ruined Windows Phone. Before MS bought Nokia, Nokia had clearly defined categories of phones covering the low-end, mid range, and high end phones. MS pushed Nokia to make a bunch of rubbish low-end to midrange phones, and they left the high-end alone, with only the 920, and 1520 to cover that range (maybe the 1020 as well). It wasn't until the 950 and 950XL came out that the high-end got some love again, but it was too late.

        Microsoft are their own worst enemy. Nokia, if they had been left to run the hardware side themselves, probably could have had at least two more flagship phones over the life of Windows Phone.

  18. mrdrwest

    I'm no longer excited or hopeful for Microsoft's mobile plans.

  19. mrdrwest

    Nope. Just step back. Put down the petition and put your hands up.

  20. Simard57

    I wonder if most of the folks signing this are MS competitors to make them sink money in a lost cause!

  21. AnthonyE1778

    It's a little sad, to be honest. I would welcome this device as well, but I struggle to see the market for such a device especially from Microsoft using Windows 10, which would inevitably run into the same ecosystem (or lack thereof) problem as any Windows Phone. It is also too small for tablet use. So, where's the market? For a device such as this, the market is strictly business, and even then it would sell very poorly given how most businesses are already entrenched in their current Apple of Google ecosystems.

    It was a fascinating concept though.

  22. KingNerdTheThird

    I signed it because, honestly, why not? If it doesn't result in a release of Andromeda, oh well.

  23. jimchamplin

    While they’re at it, I could go for them to finally put the real Longhorn out, since we know they finished it but the Freemasons or the Rosicrucians or Q from Star Trek made them not release it.


    Edit: Made It sillier

  24. skane2600

    Perhaps there should be a petition to get Microsoft to bring its Windows focus back to the desktop where most of the money has been made and where most of its customers are. Not that I think these petitions would have any effect.

    • PeteB

      In reply to skane2600:

      That petition to build a proper successor to 7 already has hundreds of millions of signatures - its all the users staying put on 7/8.1 and avoiding 10.

      • CaedenV

        In reply to PeteB:

        Who is staying put on 8.1? lol

        Most people are stuck on win7 and Office 2010 because that is where their tools were developed. It is a financial decision; Stay put where things 'work', or retrain people on newer tools which will work just as well after tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in getting people up to speed on the new platform.

        We have lots of people working on win10 in the departments where the tools allow it, and while successful, it does not increase productivity, so we drag our heels on other departments until we have a reason to move on. Nothing wrong with win10 at all. In many ways better than win7. But even if we like it, and our users like it, does not mean it is 'something to move to' when the current tools work... and when the new tools also tend to work on the old platform.

        What MS needs is a huge security vulnerability in win7. No matter how awesome 10 is (and it is pretty good!), nobody but enthusiasts are going to move because it does not make business sense. It doesn't mean win10 sucks. It just means that win7 is adequate.

        • roastedwookie

          In reply to CaedenV:

          Win10 does suck...an OS with never ending bugs, broken KB and feature updates, tested by insiders. We constantly get red emails from users with rage that they want Windows 7 back, even if it means replacing their new laptops with older ones that support windows 7.

        • skane2600

          In reply to CaedenV:

          As luck would have it, I'm typing this on an 8.1 laptop. We updated to Windows 10 but my wife hated it, so it's back to 8.1. Consumers often stay with whatever version of the OS their PC came with. The transition from 8 to 8.1 might be an exception because 8 was so reviled.

  25. dcdevito

    Once again, it's all about the apps and accompanying ecosystem. I'm sure they can figure out the hardware, and I'm sure they can figure out the OS. But they have no apps, and that's where it will fall flat.

  26. chrisrut

    OK, so make it a Kickstarter project :-) "If we get 1 million orders, we'll make it..."

    And yeah... that language... but it got people's attention :-)

  27. bbold

    Agree totally. When I first read the petition last week, my thoughts were that by referring to this as a "surface phone", the author got it all wrong and it truly doesn't sound serious. I, too, wish they had sought help in writing it, Good luck, though, and I applaud the author's gusto!

  28. Harrymyhre

    The Galaxy note was released almost seven years ago. Almost all tech enthusiasts said it was way too big, way too expensive and nobody would ever hold that thing up to their ear to make a phone call. Many reviews showed the reviewer holding the phone up to their ear.

    Meanwhole Samsung kept making it better and better. 4g networks enabled pushing content to the thing faster and faster. Screens got better and better. Users embraced the larger phablets.

    Not sure if Microsoft will have the oomph to push this thing along. I don't have reservations about the device. I have reservations about Microsoft doing another mobile product.

  29. PeteB

    This is going nowhere. MJF already said her insiders at MS let her know it's canceled internally.

    And the hardware wouldn't be the problem - the awful, tiled OS and lack of apps would. There's a reason windows phone failed and it wasn't hardware.

    • bbold

      In reply to PeteB:

      Nope. The "reason" Windows Phone failed is the lack of a proper app ecosystem, which we can trace back to the antitrust trials. Microsoft got screwed by being late to mobile much more than it deserved as punishment. (How much has failing in mobile hurt MS? In the billions??) This is also cited as the rumored reason for the cancellation of Andromeda. Btw, we still don't know it was cancelled. (What MJF reported was rumor.) This is all mere speculation and rumor until we hear officially from MS, which we may never hear, btw. So we should truly move on to the next subject, this is a dead end convo.

      • roastedwookie

        In reply to bbold:

        You won't hear anything from MS if they cancel it. I'd rather believe they will launch it half baked like they did with windows 10 mobile and the X50 Lumia phones while not saying a word that is in beta stage..with hope that some guinea pigs will buy this.

      • skane2600

        In reply to bbold:

        I guess you mean MS was late to iPhone style mobile. MS had a smartphone OS about 5 years before the iPhone was introduced. But yes, they were late to the iPhone style party and it hurt them.

    • Robert Wade

      In reply to PeteB:

      Regarding the tiles issue: bite me. I love the tiles, and we have all our devices configured for Tablet Mode and full screen Start.

  30. Elindalyne

    I'm sure this will be super effective...

  31. UK User

    I'm sorry to put a damper on things but I have to say that there was a gadget many years ago from a smallish British company. Psion was its name and it produced something very similar to this Microsoft alluded device and was called, in various updates, anything from Psion 3 to Psion 5.



    Of course the sophistication of todays alluded device was not possible nor was it compatible with MS software, it had its own. I still own a model, and the usual defects are showing, broken hinges, but still it was way ahead of its time, if only this could have been kept going :(

  32. StevenLayton

    I’m curious, what would the number of sales need to be for a device like this to be viable for Microsoft? Is it into the hundreds of thousands? A million?

  33. cseafous

    I like that Microsoft is taking an objective approach to this. I think the concept is great but it's too soon to release this. Didn't Microsoft say they made the 950 for the fans (I still have mine btw)? I think the end result would be the same if they released this device now just because a few fans asked for it.

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