Microsoft Teases a New Surface

Posted on July 9, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 74 Comments

Microsoft tweeted out a provocative image of its current Surface lineup today, teasing that something new is on the way.

That something? It’s almost certainly Surface Go, the $400 low-end Surface tablet that we’ve been talking about for months. And not Andromeda. Which Microsoft will likely never make because it is a terrible idea.

As you may recall, Bloomberg broke the news about a coming $400 Surface tablet in May. I described this rumored product, at the time, as smart, and something that can’t happen quickly enough.

Then, more details about the $400 Surface tablet, which is apparently called Surface Go, emerged last week. It will provide 9.5 hours of battery life, 64 or 128 GB of storage, and utilize USB-C for connectivity, according to reports.

And it will almost certainly be announced tomorrow. At 6:00 am PT.

How do we know this? If you look carefully at the image from today’s Surface tweet, you will see that the PC displays all have the same date and time, July 10 and 6:00. And the Surface team has a long history of using the date and time of product announcements in their product shots.

“Where will Surface go next?” the Surface tweet asks rhetorically. Stay tuned. I think we’re going to find out in the morning.


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Comments (75)

75 responses to “Microsoft Teases a New Surface”

  1. Chris Payne

    Hm... looks to be a very small product announcement/launch then. Haven't all other Surface launches been done at a media event?

  2. bbold

    Yes! I already have 3 Surface devices but... what's one more? Especially a low end tablet for on the "go"... I'm ready with my credit card, Microsoft! :D :D Sincerely, an unapologetic fan.

  3. Michael_Miller

    Paul was pretty enthusiastic about the Surface 3 when it arrived (read the last paragraph of his review from April 2015), only to crap on it not long after suggesting it had a “fisher-price” Keyboard among other negative comments. In part, I purchased the S3 based on his review. Now Paul is saying the presumed Surface Go is needed. Sure, I will believe him now.

    • rameshthanikodi

      In reply to Michael_Miller:

      The Surface 3 is actually still a really good device, the Atom x5 still holds up pretty well, I have a HP tablet running Windows 10 on the same processor. But of course, as is tradition for Intel, they killed Atom (again) and replaced it with Pentium Silver. But the Atom SoC development at Intel is pretty much dead.

      This new Surface Go uses Pentium Gold which is more like Celerons and is based on Kaby Lake. Methinks it won't be as power efficient but at least it won't be slower than a new Snapdragon.

  4. Chris_Kez

    The lack of a formal launch event tells me that this device does not rate very high on the Panos Pump-O-Meter.

  5. jimchamplin

    There's also a shadow coming in from the right side, as if taking up the space where the new device will be in the "complete" picture.

  6. RM

    I don't see the Andromeda being a terrible idea if it can run the same programs/apps as the Surface Go.

  7. lvthunder

    Hopefully they update the Studio with the latest chips and an SSD instead of the hybrid one. Only the most expensive one is in stock at the online Microsoft store. The other two options are out of stock.

  8. johnl

    Paul and Brad must have gotten a preview of this on their trip to New York recently, correct? Spill the beans Paul! :)

  9. skane2600

    If true, it's kind of dumb. Just wait until you're ready to say something and then just come out and say it.

  10. DocPaul

    I don't understand the hype for what seems to be nothing more than a long delayed Surface 4. What am I missing?

    It's like no one remembers the Surface 3. And how all the description mention the "rounded corners" as if it's something new. That's exactly what the Surface 3 had.

  11. chrisrut

    Hmmm. If they're really good - the reveal would take that same picture and transform it - make it come alive - like the Claritin commercial where the grey layer is peeled away to reveal a shinier, more colorful world. The brighteners, of course, would be the tablet, and a simultaneous upgrade of current models with latest-gen procs and USB-C. And yes, do it now, before everyone expects stuff in the fall. Oh well, if wishes were hens there'd be a chicken in every pot...

  12. mrdrwest

    Surface GO?

    Surface Tension

  13. Stokkolm

    Holding out hope that all of the press about Andromeda being cancelled is a rouse. I know I shouldn't hope for this, but I still do. Gluttin' for punishment I guess.

  14. will

    One more detail in that photo is the shadow on the right side. If you goto the Surface Facebook page you will see the shadow has a date above it, 7-10-2017

    What is a kinda of a bummer, if true, is that the Pro will get updated in October but the laptop is not scheduled for an update. Hope that is not correct as I would love to see a Surface Laptop 15" with a GPU :)

  15. VancouverNinja

    Tom's Hardware released a write up on the device and then took it down.


    Up to 8 gb ram, 256 GB SSD, and LTE connectivity - this config arrives later in the year. On August 2nd you get either a $399 model with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage (clearly for the kiddies/K-5) and a $549 configuration with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Both will use only connect to the internet over Wi-Fi.

    It has the signature Surface Kickstand.

    Consumer version with S Mode or full Home Version

    Commercial version with S Mode or Full Pro Version

    Surface Connect, USB Type-C, MicroSDXC, 3.5mm headphone jack

    Intel Pentium Gold Processor 4415Y

    Screen reso incorrect in the article...

    1.2 pounds

    This seems like a nice little work horse for schools/kids and front line workers etc. Having USB-C, headphone jack, standard memory card expansion, and Windows 10 it looks like a winner. Most likely no schools will pay near $399 for it and Microsoft now has a strong device to continue its efforts in the K-5 space. Nicely played Microsoft.

  16. dcdevito

    Serious question - what will/can this device do better than the $329 iPad??

    • SRLRacing

      In reply to dcdevito:

      The simple broad-stroke answer is content creation. The lack of a pointing device on the iPad is its greatest weakness when compared to either a Windows based PC like the Surface or even a Chromebook. An iPad in general is much better than any of these devices when its time to sit down and relax but it really cannot replace them when its time to do work. The conversation in this price-range has generally been around education where the iPad has never really caught on in any meaningful way due to its limitations. So if you think education you can see why they'd build something like this.

      • Chris_Kez

        In reply to SRLRacing:

        I'm going to side-step the whole consumption vs. creation debate and just second your comment about the lack of a pointing device. There are many times when I'm on the iPad that I just wish the bluetooth keyboard included a proper trackpad.

    • VancouverNinja

      In reply to dcdevito:

      Give me my Windows 10 OS on a tablet form factor with matching applications; I like having the exact same look and feel across my devices if possible. I cannot wait to see if it will allow the full version of Outlook 2016 - this alone will have me buying it.

    • Darekmeridian

      In reply to dcdevito:

      I don't think having a iPad comparable device on Windows is a bad thing. I am more concerned with the performance specs. If I am going to buy a Surface Go it should be on the same performance level of the current similarly priced iPad. I am worried about the 1.1 to 1.5 Ghz processor even as a consumption device I don't want to have stuttering video and audio and slow screen re-draws.

      The app situation isn't as bleak as it used to be, and with web apps and what has come to the store you can get use out of a tablet.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to dcdevito:

      Print, import pictures from a CF card, and use almost every USB device ever made including syncing to an iPad.

  17. Jeffery Commaroto

    Must be fun being a social media person at Microsoft watching all of the excitement around #surfacephone and #andromeda popping up in response to that tweet. "Sentiment analysis is off the charts! We are generating a ton of buzz! One little caveat..."

  18. Simard57

    hmm are you under embargo to say more?

    hope you have one in your hands and will write a review quickly.

    I wonder what the performance difference between a Pentium and an ARM is at this time because the battery life of this device isn't wowing me but perhaps I am not the intended market for it.... but I would love to replace the NuVision I have for many reasons.

    how would a Pentium match up with the Atom used in the NuVision?

  19. jaredthegeek

    Sure they will release it then the LTE unit will follow in about a year as per typical MS. I like the size of the 10 inch unit for portability. I would go iPad but I have need of some low requirements programs that just don't have an iOS equivalent.

  20. FaustXD9

    I am interested to see if this can replace my Surface 3 tablet for some reading and surfing the web. Now back to the age old question on how the app situation evolves. Amazon would be nice to have in a non-web client. I can see Edge working for a lot of my other uses for this tablet.

    • wolters

      In reply to FaustXD9:

      I am too. My daughter has a Surface 3 and it seems to do quite well on everything we throw at it, including gaming (though not high settings.) She even renders short videos...curious if this device will be a lateral move or even an upgrade?

      • christian.hvid

        In reply to wolters:

        Judging simply by the CPU inside, the Surface Go should be a little more than twice as fast as the Surface 3. See Of course, other factors affect performance too.

  21. Jwilcox1701

    What do I win for noticing it should be July 10, not June 10? ?

  22. shcole

    Why are you calling the Andromeda project "a terrible idea" now? Everything we "know" about it is based on rumors, so calling it "terrible" is just pure speculation and unprofessional. This kind of writing is just as bad as the people you complain about that unrealistically praise Andromeda as a savior device.

    • damanman

      In reply to shcole:

      "Everything We Know" makes it sound like a terrible idea. And "What We Know" can't be far from the truth since the news last week was that the project was shelved.

      • MutualCore

        In reply to damanman:

        Honestly I think the biggest mistake ever was allowing Tom Warren, Mary Jo Foley or Paul Thurott access to information about projects like this. Better to keep a shroud of complete secrecy then leak out rumors and base your business decisions on reactions to those rumors. Very sad days.

        • skane2600

          In reply to MutualCore:

          I have my doubts that any business decisions were made based on people's reaction to rumors given that if you combine all the readers of these tech sites the numbers are still rather insignificant to the number of Microsoft customers.

          Having said that, I agree that Microsoft should either stop deliberately leaking information on potential products or tighten their enforcement of their NDAs to stop exposing premature information. Perhaps the FUD approach worked back in the heyday of IBM and MS, but it's not very effective now and cancelling publicly-known un-announced products is an unforced error.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to shcole:

      The device was terrible enough that they delayed/canceled it.

  23. djross95

    Kind of a snoozer for me unless they update the other Surfaces (Surfi?) in some way.

  24. dsharp75

    Why is Andromeda a terrible idea?

    I think Surface Go is too little too late, it should have been introduced last year at the education announcement instead of the premium priced Surface laptop.

    I've been reading your posts for years now and consider you an authority on most things, but I find your perspective on this disturbing considering you know this is not the MS of old.

    Mind you, I respect you and your opinions, though I find the concept of Andromeda a key to the MS future in both the consumer and business space. Implemented correctly, it would actually catapult MS to the forefront as it blurs the line between mobile computing and desktop computing much like laptop eventually did. Why would I use a limited version of Excel on my phone, when I can use the real Excel on my pocketable, but bigger screened full Windows device? With a full OS, the app gap becomes significantly less pronounced especially with every kind of app type available from UWP/PWA/x86/x64 to browser based apps.

    I think they have to get this right from day one and it has to make sense to a broad number of users. I think that's why they're  involving OEMS from the start, conversing with carriers on e-Sims, adding even more inking support and embracing PWAs.

    • MutualCore

      In reply to dsharp75:

      Everything is always 'too late' for Microsoft. I wonder why they even bother to run a company.

    • PeteB

      In reply to dsharp75:

      delusion, much?

      A dual screen gimmick device from MS would fail even harder than windows phone.

      • dsharp75

        In reply to PeteB:

        Delusion, seriously?

        Having vision is seeing what could be before its there; in religion its dubbed as faith.

        It's utterly amazing the amount of "fail before start", "see it's dumb", "wrong", etc comments on a rumored project that should unify the many disparate portions of MS.

        Seeing the possibilities is what companies like MS do; whether they deliver on them or not is subject to debate. But remember this, Apple invents nothing. They are the clock radio of the IT world - they took something that someone else invented, refined it, limited it and sold it at a premium with better marketing.

        Lest ye forget the iPhone launch with only a handful of apps; yet naysayers now scream "no apps, auto fail".

        Android capitalized on the success of the iPhone by being "free" and open. It's the only reason Android is dominant now. Android blows, iOS is ok, but crippled. Window Phone OS, starting around 8.1 was a superior OS created too late.

        Isn't it at least possible that the current MS, albeit focused on its strengths (what a concept!), has learned from shunning its partners, has learned from developing in a vacuum, has learned from ineffective marketing and has learned from version 3 maybe getting it right to finally getting a product launch right? This is a new product in a new area with essentially zero competition, but at the cutting edge of technology with numerous use cases, from entertainment, medical, artistic, traveling sales professional, etc.

        Take all the issues that plague the boards about mobile and fix nearly all of them.

        Make the pc a pocket pc. Make windows mobile but just call it windows, because it is.

        Keep an app industry, but use 64 bit Photoshop in your hands while traveling anyway.

        When Nintendo brought gaming to arenas, people thought they were crazy and only for geeks. Now we have million dollar televised gaming events.

        When I rode the train years ago, watching videos on my Dell Axiom Pocket pc, people thought they would never do the same. Now I see people watching videos on their phones every day.

        When I bought a Nokia 1520 on day one, people thought having a 6 inch phone was crazy. Now look at the world.

        It's hard being ahead of the curve because people are stuck in right now and do not see the possibilities. Sure it never goes the way you think it should, but the real pioneers stuck their neck out first. The winners might be the Apple's, Google's and Amazons of the world that invent nothing and simply perfect what others have built - but they had no vision. They had to see it first from the risk takers to then act. That's easy, takes no effort or initiative and you're stuck with their product when their marketing or price competition makes the market lopsided. People don't care who invented it - look at the iPhone X, chock full of years old tech. But since Apple included it, somehow its now good?

        Aren't you tired of MS having a concept, building a product or letting it fall only have Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.. see it, scoop it up and kill the industry with it?

        I think the current CEO is tired of that and tired of losing money to get to version 3and sometimes get it right.

        This is not Gates or Ballmers MS anymore. This would be his first new product (all the others including the laptop were in development prior to ascension. MS cannot afford to research, develop, create and push out a product half baked anymore, especially a game changing one. 6 months is an eternity in the tech world. But I'd rather wait for Early 2019 for a great version one, than another 2 versions and 3 years for another final success like Surface Pro 3 or failure like Band, or even worse, stolen opportunities like Alexa.

        I little faith in the new MS? It that really took much to ask for an unreleased concept?

        Do you really have to kill it before it breathes?

        • pecosbob04

          In reply to dsharp75:" ... the Apple's, Google's and Amazons of the world that invent nothing and simply perfect what others have built - but they had no vision. They had to see it first from the risk takers to then act."
          "Delusion, seriously?"
          Yes that pretty much is the textbook definition of delusional. You forgot the other slacker companies like IBM who for years led the world in patents issued, Xerox whose Palo Alto Research Center was the incubator for much of todays interface technology, Adobe, Sun, and many others. Thank the FSM msft came along in the nick of time.

        • skane2600

          In reply to dsharp75:

          You seem to be ignoring the fact that user expectations are a moving target. A lack of apps at the time of the iPhone's introduction isn't equivalent in any way to a lack of apps on a late to the (touch-oriented) party smartphone OS.

          As an ex-Xerox guy, I get the argument about Apple's originality being exaggerated, but the fact is that all of these companies stand on the achievements of predecessors.

          As I've said before, there are a number of products that the naysayers were wrong about but there's also no shortage of products that the "vision" folks were wrong about too.

          IMO the new ideas that are most likely to succeed are ones that are as legacy free as possible. If Apple had designed the iPhone to be a "Pocket Mac" in the same vein as MS's Pocket PC, I doubt that it would have been successful. What makes a good mobile experience isn't the same as what makes a good desktop/laptop experience.

      • shcole

        In reply to PeteB:

        Having strong opinions of a rumored device with no official knowledge is delusional. The people who hate the idea of this product are just as delusional as the people who love the idea. We don't know anything officially and no one has used it. I'm sick of people irrationally hating and loving the Andromeda product. Just stop.

        • skane2600

          In reply to shcole:

          Then these rumors should never be reported and we shouldn't talk about them at all. It seems to me the negative opinions are based on the most basic description of the product while the positive ones are reaching for miracles.

  25. CRoebuck

    Quad Core Surface Laptop would be interesting

  26. MutualCore

    So a cheap-ass Surface is 'whats' next'? Oh my god.

  27. glenn8878

    Is the new Surface on the far right side? It has no pen, looks more square, and the keyboard doesn't hinge upwards. I would be curious if whether they will fix all the software discrepancies that doesn't work well with tablets. It appears more mobile than the Surface Pro.

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