Surface Go Appears to Be Off to a Slow Start

Posted on August 23, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 44 Comments

Data from AdDuplex suggests that Surface Go is off to a tepid start, capturing just 1.24 percent of Surface PC usage in its first month in the market.

“Surface Go has entered the market but it didn’t make a huge splash in the Surface device lineup,” AdDuplex notes. “At least not yet. It’s in the second to last position with 1.24 percent [usage share].”

That’s disappointing, given that Microsoft was hoping for a mainstream success story with this relatively inexpensive PC.

By comparison, Surface Laptop account for just .6 percent of Surface PC usage after six weeks in the market last year. And Surface Book 2 accounted for just .4 percent of Surface PC usage in its first month.

So Surface Go is selling faster than those PCs did. But Surface Go is also much less expensive than either of those PCs.

Worse, the much more expensive Surface PC on which Surface Go is based, Surface Pro (2017), performed better in its own debut, grabbing 2.4 percent of usage in its first full month, double the uptick of Surface Go.

Today, that Surface Pro is the third-most-used Surface PC, with 18 percent usage share. (Surface Pro 4, with 33 percent usage share, and Surface Pro 3, with 19 percent, are the top two overall.)

Still, it’s early for Surface Go. And it’s possible that a surge of back-to-school buyers will propel this humble PC to better sales in the months ahead. We’ll see what this looks like next month.

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