Creators Update is Now on 50 Percent of All Windows 10 PCs

Posted on July 19, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 39 Comments

Creators Update is Now on 50 Percent of All Windows 10 PCs

New usage data from AdDuplex shows that the Creators Update is now used on about half of all Windows 10 PCs. But its deployment rate is much slower than that of its predecessor, the Anniversary Update.

As you may recall, AdDuplex bills itself as the largest cross-promotion network for Windows apps. AdDuplex empowers developers and publishers to promote their apps for free by helping each other. And each month it provides a glimpse at which Windows devices people are actually using.

Here’s what we see this month.

Creators Update hits 50 percent of all Windows 10 PCs. Usage of the most recent version of Windows 10, the Creators Update, or version 1703, continues to grow sharply. After hitting about 35 percent last month, the Creators Update is now in use in over half of all Windows 10 PCs, or about 50.1 percent.

Creators Update deployment is slower than that of the Anniversary Update. Though it was marred by numerous issues, the Anniversary Update actually rolled out quite quickly; in fact, at this point in its deployment, the Anniversary Update’s rollout actually picked up the pace dramatically. Not so with the Creators Update, which lags behind the 75 percent deployment rate of its predecessor at this point in time.

Microsoft is not “leading the way” when it comes to Creators Update deployment. You’d think that Microsoft’s Surface devices would be the very first to get each new update, but that hasn’t happened. Thanks largely to Surface Pro, especially Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s devices are no better or worse than any other PC makers in this regard. Only 18 percent of Surface Pro 3s in the world are running the latest version of Windows 10. That is pathetic, sorry. Especially when you consider that…

Surface Pro 3 accounts for almost a quarter of all Surface devices in use. Yes, Surface Pro 4 is the most-used Surface device, with 41 percent of usage. But Surface Pro 3 is number two, at 24 percent.

Surface Laptop and new Surface Pro usage cools. After a quick start last month, usage growth of Surface Laptop and Surface Pro (2017) has declined sharply, with each growing just .2 percent. The party was fun while it lasted.


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Comments (43)

43 responses to “Creators Update is Now on 50 Percent of All Windows 10 PCs”

  1. Narg

    I'm not sure I understand why these updates are not more used? Doesn't Microsoft push updates? Or are they lagging in this push.

    • evox81

      In reply to Narg:

      This is somewhat oversimplified, but basically Microsoft staggers the rollout of these "feature updates".

      Essentially, when a new version comes out, they push the update to a few machines of a given type, watch the telemetry for bugs on a particular hardware configuration, and then proceed with the rollout to other similar machines. This is to avoid problems with certain hardware configurations that may not be fully compatible with the update. If there are problems, they fix them and then test again, then deploy fully.

      • Narg

        In reply to evox81:

        You're right on "oversimplified". But still, it's odd to me that it's months on end for such a roll out. I wonder if Windows is getting THAT problematic for them? Then again, we should feel lucky it's an open hardware style system. I'm sure there's plenty of other reasons too, but considering examples such as iPhones where updates like this (major OS updates) usually go to near 80% in very little time.

        • evox81

          In reply to Narg:

          Rather than being "that problematic" I think it's simply that they're gun shy because of past experience. Their previous rollouts weren't great, so instead of repeating that, or simply delivering a reliable product from the start, this is the way to minimize problems.

  2. UbelhorJ

    I manually installed it on my work computer (I work in the I.T. department).

    Still no sign of it on my personal computers at home. I could install it manually there too, but there really isn't anything I want from this update. I'll be jumping onto the Fall Creators Update immediately though for the OneDrive placeholders.

  3. John Scott

    Does anyone else see the problem here? Were close to another release and yet only 50% have yet to get the current release?

    Either Microsoft has plenty of problems with Creator as yet resolved, or a lot of users are blocking Creator update. With the mess Microsoft has created with Win 10 as a service, I am not so sure at this point they can handle these frequent upgrades. Its not a surprise to me given the vast amount of hardware and apps for Windows. But its also a possible reason for Windows 10S that addresses this problem. Then you have this Clover Trail bad press and the feeling that Microsoft makes promises about support it cannot keep.

    • PeteB

      In reply to John_Scott:

      I blocked updates and telemetry spying on day one. And there are no notable new features in "creators update" anyway - a gimmick 3D paint app and more ads.. (jerkoff motion)

      If MS hadn't abused user trust with misusing updates to send marketing features and more app bloat down the windows update pipe, more people and companies might have left updates enabled. But as it stands now they're not trustworthy.

  4. gvan

    They are trying to do these upgrades to frequently. An annual update would be better and easier.

  5. SRLRacing

    I just went to my mother's house where they have 5 actively used Windows 10 PCs and none of them had the Creator's Update. Two of them were not being offered it but the other three were stuck being prompted to verify the privacy settings before updating and they just kept ignoring the prompt, as normies do. I manually upgraded everything and all seemed fine.

  6. Ugur

    I would consider buying a surface laptop if the entry price model had the specs of the one up (sweet spot) tier and one could fold the screen over so one could then use it nicely for drawing with the pen.

    I would also prefer it massively to have a non alcantara option or have the alcantara cover be detachable by being connected with velcro or similar instead of glue.

    I like the alcantara case i have for my S8 a lot, but if/when that looks janky after a year or two, i can easily swap it.

  7. Darmok N Jalad

    Regarding the new Surface model slump. The problem, I'm afraid, is that too much emphasis is being made at the high end of the market with W10 PCs. The other challenge is that MS is trying to make Windows devices look exciting, which is especially confounding due to their inability to market or communicate, and that it appears that their only solid commitment is to enterprise and getting their products and services on other platforms.

    There's only so much money for premium products. It would be interesting to see if they could make a Surface line that offered good quality, but priced for everyday consumers. The Lenovo laptop I purchased last year has an attractive all-metal design with a nice 1080P IPS display, and it only cost $400 (and has been trouble free to boot). It's hard to pay more than double for a Surface Laptop. I can also open up the Lenovo and upgrade it.

    • John Scott

      In reply to Darmok N Jalad: Personally I think most users do not need to spend a lot on a PC device. Certainly if your a college kid your not plucking down a grand or better unless your parents are rich and buy it for you.
      This all goes back to the Steve Ballmer haunting of always marketing against Apple and Mac's. Seriously has anyone looked at Mac sales lately? Premium laptops are not selling.

  8. Todd Logsdon

    They are definitely lagging the roll-out themselves, as the 2 machines at my house which could get this update still haven't. it says the update is coming and i could force it, but I'm gonna wait till they push it like every other update. My thinking is maybe they have had some issues with similar models or something.

  9. kzrystof

    At my job, I was told that we did not get the Creators Update because apparently it caused problems with the VPN connectivity / software...

  10. zself

    Sidebar: I'd respect AdDuplex' statistics more if they didn't use pie charts. No analysts worth his/her salt would ever use a pie chart to convey proportion for more than two variables. Makes me wonder...

  11. zself

    Paul, bad link. For some crazy reason, the URL should state 2016 rather than 2017. Here is the proper link:

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